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Our Contact Center on the Pitch

While many of you may be familiar with my blogs on contact centers; you are probably not familiar with my love for soccer. I’m a loyal supporter of FC Utrecht. The club was established in 1970 from a merger between Elinkwijk, DOS and Velox. It plays in the Dutch Eredivisie competition and every now and then plays European competitions.

You may be saying, “That’s great, but what does that has to do with his job as Global Director CRM Solutions at ModusLink?”

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ModusLink Wins Big in the BIG Awards for Business

Today, we are thrilled to share the news that our Poetic® Service Cloud Solution has been recognized by the Business Intelligence Group as a “New Product of the Year” winner for the Technology Software industry in the 2016 BIG Awards for Business.

Chinese Demand for Foreign Brand Products

Ready for China? Not Sure? Come to Our Webinar on Oct. 19 and Get Your Questions Answered

If you work in e-commerce or retail, it’s likely that one of the major themes you’ve heard this year has been the growth of the Chinese digital commerce market and how more is spent by consumers there than in the U.S.

Contact Center

Contact Centers: Can I Have Ten Minutes of Your Time?

In a recent article, the Belgian Metrotime magazine claimed that on a weekly basis, a person spends around 10 minutes in contact with a contact center. While that is the average amount of time, it is much higher than I initially expected. That was until I broke the ten minutes down to all the different ways customers can be in touch with companies today. 


Focusing Your Software Development Life Cycle Around the End User

No matter what system, challenge or client you’re dealing with, the right way to approach any problem is always from the perspective of your end users.

People often ask me, “how have you implemented this ‘gospel’ in your software development process?” “How do you overcome the traditional thinking in systems design?” Or “How do you guarantee that you implement features in your solution that bring the highest business benefits and best user experiences?”

Global Logistics

What 3 Things Do Manufacturers Need to Know About Global Logistics?

I like to think of manufacturing as one of the oldest professions in the world. While some of our caveman ancestors were out hunting for food, I like to think of the folks that stayed home and created the tools those hunters used, the brushes and paints for cave paintings, etc.

Of course that was long ago and manufacturing was small-scale – nothing like the global environment we all deal with today. But as manufacturing has grown in size, scale and reach, it’s also increasingly complex.


Building a Sustainable Supply Chain? ModusLink Can Help

While it is sometimes considered an afterthought – especially within the supply chain – sustainability can play a major role in the criteria that helps a manufacturer determine what solution providers to work with. As customers continue to request information from suppliers, partners and vendors about their environmental, social and compliance-related capabilities, there is no better time than the present for these to become more of a priority.

Return Policy

Don’t Get Sidelined By No Fault Found Returns

The retail game can be a tricky business. Customers are fickle and – put simply – there’s a lot that can go wrong during the processes involved with making, shipping, packaging and selling your product.

Whether it’s a faulty minor component that renders an electronic device useless, shoddy stitching in an item of clothing, or even damaged products or packaging resulting from the journey from warehouse to store shelf, there are a million different things that can go wrong and lead to justified product returns.


Cross Border E-Commerce: Where are Your Reseller Partners Going?

Borders faded with the advent of the internet – and so did any hesitation to ordering products online instead of buying them in physical stores. These days a customer can purchase pretty much everything from any part of the civilized world and have it brought to their doorstep in only days’ time. But who profits most? And how can we keep up with the growth of e-Commerce worldwide?

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