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What 3 Things Do Manufacturers Need to Know About Global Logistics?

I like to think of manufacturing as one of the oldest professions in the world. While some of our caveman ancestors were out hunting for food, I like to think of the folks that stayed home and created the tools those hunters used, the brushes and paints for cave paintings, etc.

Of course that was long ago and manufacturing was small-scale – nothing like the global environment we all deal with today. But as manufacturing has grown in size, scale and reach, it’s also increasingly complex.


Building a Sustainable Supply Chain? ModusLink Can Help

While it is sometimes considered an afterthought – especially within the supply chain – sustainability can play a major role in the criteria that helps a manufacturer determine what solution providers to work with. As customers continue to request information from suppliers, partners and vendors about their environmental, social and compliance-related capabilities, there is no better time than the present for these to become more of a priority.

Return Policy

Don’t Get Sidelined By No Fault Found Returns

The retail game can be a tricky business. Customers are fickle and – put simply – there’s a lot that can go wrong during the processes involved with making, shipping, packaging and selling your product.

Whether it’s a faulty minor component that renders an electronic device useless, shoddy stitching in an item of clothing, or even damaged products or packaging resulting from the journey from warehouse to store shelf, there are a million different things that can go wrong and lead to justified product returns.


Cross Border E-Commerce: Where are Your Reseller Partners Going?

Borders faded with the advent of the internet – and so did any hesitation to ordering products online instead of buying them in physical stores. These days a customer can purchase pretty much everything from any part of the civilized world and have it brought to their doorstep in only days’ time. But who profits most? And how can we keep up with the growth of e-Commerce worldwide?

ModusLink Wins a Bronze Stevie® in the 2016 International Business AwardsSM

ModusLink Wins a Bronze Stevie® in the 2016 International Business Awards

ModusLink has some great news to share – our Poetic Service Cloud Solution recently won the Bronze Stevie® Award for the Best New Product or Service of the Year in Supply Chain Management Software Solutions category of the 2016 International Business Awards.

ModusLink & Tile – A Big Expansion for a Tiny Device

ModusLink & Tile – A Big Expansion for a Tiny Device

How many times have you lost your most necessary personal items – things like your wallet, keys or purse?  Misplacing your essential things can be a huge disappointment, not to mention an inconvenient struggle to try and replace them when they’re lost for good. Smart location company Tile was formed with the hope of preventing those occurrences from ever happening with their line of Bluetooth tracking devices.

Six Steps for Managing Aftersales Services

Six Steps for Managing Aftersales Services

Thanks to a large boost in e-commerce in recent years, retailers are seeing huge increases in sales across the board. Now that consumers can complete purchases from the comfort of their handheld devices, retailers are working overtime to keep their distribution centers stocked and products in motion, making an efficient supply chain solution more essential now than ever before.

Inbound Logistics Names ModusLink a Top 100 Logistics IT Provider

Inbound Logistics Names ModusLink a Top 100 3PL Provider

Today, we at ModusLink are very excited to share that we have been recognized by leading supply chain publication Inbound Logistics as one of their Top 100 3PL Providers for 2016!

Attentive call center workers on their laptops

The Five Benefits of Modern Business Process Outsourcing

In today’s business world, more and more companies are starting to look at business process outsourcing as far more than simply having an accounting firm do the books, a call center company handle support and a PR firm handle the media.

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