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A Thanksgiving Thank You from ModusLink

A Thanksgiving Thank You from ModusLink

It may be a cliché, but it’s hard not to spend this time of the year thinking about the things for which you’re thankful. ModusLink is a unique company – we’ve been here for a long time, and are continuing to do great things with our customers day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Our E-Commerce Hub is Open for Business!

Our E-Commerce Hub is Open for Business!

Last week we held a grand opening ceremony for our new state-of-the-art E-Commerce Solution Center, located in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Combined with our nearby facility in Venray, Netherlands, the two facilities stand as an e-commerce hub – one that clients can turn to for the latest in innovations and approaches that can make their businesses more efficient and less costly to run.

Our Game-Changing Approach to Call Center Management

Our Game-Changing Approach to Call Center Management

An important, yet often overlooked, part of handling a client’s e-commerce operations is call center management. If you’re going to sell products of any type, you need to have a strong call center organization backing you up that can answer any and all questions quickly and easily, helping fix consumers’ problems or guide them on the correct path to solving an issue.

Celebrating 10 Years of Success in the Czech Republic2

Celebrating 10 Years of Success in the Czech Republic

Ahoj, readers!

For those of you who don’t know, ”Ahoj” means “Hello” in Slovak, the native tongue of the Czech Republic. For the past 10 years at ModusLink, we’ve been lucky enough to say Ahoj to some very valued colleagues and customers.

Opening ModusLink’s New E-Commerce Hub

Opening ModusLink’s New E-Commerce Hub!

We’re excited to share that earlier today we officially opened our latest facility – a state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions center in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.

Making Meaningful Moments Happen With Ecommerce

Making Meaningful Moments Happen

In today’s world of easily available online reviews and customer forums, perfecting the customer experience is more important than it ever has been in the past. If a customer is unhappy with your brand’s product or service quality and decides to tell the world about it, you no longer risk losing one customer – you risk losing brand clout.

Growing My Career With ModusLink

Growing My Career With ModusLink

After several years of experience in the transportation and logistics environment, joining ModusLink has opened the door for me to continue developing my career, skills and expertise. As a part of ModusLink I can now provide customers worldwide a total and complete solution for their supply chain needs, based on ModusLink’s experience and history of excellence.

Contact Center Overload- What Do You Do?

Contact Center Overload: What Do You Do?

There Is No Doubt That A Good Relationship With Your Customers Is Essential

In this blog, I am going to focus on the challenges your contact center may face in times of a crisis – and offer a possible outsourcing solution.

ModusLink EMC Blue Sky Supplier Sustainability Award

An Exciting Trend for ModusLink

They say that if two is a coincidence, then three is a trend. If that’s the case, what’s taken place over the past few months at ModusLink is a trend I can get behind.

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