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Hurricane Irma

A Lesson in Teamwork: Bringing our Miami Facility Back Online in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma was perhaps one of the most devastating hurricanes ever to hit the U.S. and its neighboring islands, with an estimated death toll of 70, historic destruction across Florida and massive havoc throughout the Atlantic region.


As Retail Needs Change – So Must the Supply Chains that Support Them

Few can have missed the changes happening in the retail sector. Brick and mortar retail brands are reinventing themselves and their business models to survive in an e-enabled retail world. It should not be a surprise that as retailers innovate with new store concepts, footprint and promotional models, the supply chains that support them must be increasingly agile to meet the changing needs and formats of brick and mortar and e-commerce retailers.


Delivering Value: Digging into the Google/Walmart E-Commerce Alliance

With news of Google and Walmart teaming up in an effort to unseat Amazon as the king of e-commerce, many have been wondering what the future of online shopping will look like. While much of the resulting conversations have been centered around voice-ordered shopping though Google’s virtual assistant, what has largely fell under the radar is the impact this alliance will have on an industry ripe for disruption.

Best Industry Articles and Insights this Month

In Case You Missed It: Best Industry Articles and Insights this Month

With the supply chain, logistics, manufacturing and e-commerce industries moving at such a fast pace, it’s easy to miss some of the news. To help keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and industry insights, we’ve created a new monthly blog series that will share the top articles from the month focusing on various sects of these ever-changing industries.

Globalization Warehouse

The Importance of Country-Specific Customization and Localization

In today’s global economy, businesses must operate without boundaries and serve customers in every corner of the world. While global scale and distribution is important, the ability to customize your offerings – from the shopping experience to the end product customers receive – to individual markets, regions and cultures is paramount.

Global Market Expansion

5 Ways to Stay Competitive in the Amazon Era

In the time it is taking you to read this sentence, approximately 100 products were just sold on Amazon – and that’s with a conservative calculation of 35 orders coming into the e-commerce behemoth every second.

Not bad for a brand that started as a bookseller out of a guy’s garage. But it could be bad for you—if your brand is missing out on opportunities due to the massive hold Amazon has on today’s consumers.

Subscription Box E-commerce business model

5 Logistical Challenges Limiting Subscription Box Companies (and How the Right Partner Can Help)

From cosmetics, clothes and snacks, to high-end golf supplies, dog treats and specialty socks, there seems to be a subscription box to meet nearly anyone’s – and presumably, everyone’s – preferences. In fact, by some industry estimates, more than 2,500 subscription box companies that have emerged in the last 3 years. This number is only expected to increase as consumers continue to demand customization and convenience.

The Psychology Behind Our Customer Contact Center - ModusLink Global Solutions

The Psychology Behind Our Customer Contact Center

Mirroring – The behavior in which one person subconsciously imitates the gesture, speech pattern, or attitude of another. Turn subconsciously into consciously, and you have yourself a wonderful feature to deploy while handling customer care.

Servicing the Blue Banana from a Small Dutch Village, Part 2

Servicing the Blue Banana from a Small Dutch Village, Part 2

In my last blog, I shared some insights on why companies expanding their business in Europe should start their journey right in the middle of the so called “Blue Banana” in the city of Venray. Needless to say, our ModusLink Solution Center wasn’t just randomly placed there. Which is why I want to discuss a few economic reasons to start in the center of this European, banana-shaped center for economic and innovative growth:

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