Accelerate global expansion with financial management services

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Expanding into new global markets comes with huge financial complexities. ModusLink handles tax and regulatory compliance, as well as fraud protection to ensure secure transactions. Our proven technologies and business systems shorten the process from years to months.

Streamline Global Expansion

Simplify and adapt.

Solving the complexities of expanding into new global markets can slow your speed to market. ModusLink can get you to market in three to six months. Using us as a Merchant of Record (MOR) saves you time by eliminating the need to hire administrative staff or establishing your own legal entities and compliance structure.

Lower your administrative costs.

No matter where your expansion plans lie, we make multi-currency payment processing as efficient as your customers’ shopping experience, with our world-class infrastructure, process, and quality certifications.

Expand without the risk.

Our intimate knowledge of worldwide regulatory requirements makes it easier for you to focus on tapping into a steady stream of lucrative international customers.

Get to market fast. And get there smart.

Here’s what eCommerce success with ModusLink looks like. You’re bringing all of your customer experience, all of your product information, value propositions, and insightful customer data to one intelligent place. Your product movement, marketing, and payment management is adapting swiftly to market changes.

You’re nurturing your brand and making lasting customer connections. You’re conquering complexity, getting to market faster than competitors, and never turning back.

Payments and Financing Solutions

While you’re focused on unlocking business growth opportunities, we’ll work behind the scenes with the platforms and expertise to ease you through international payment systems, regulations, and risk management.

Did You Know?

“Companies that are actively investing in digital operations and strive to be digital champions expect revenue growth of 25% by 2023 and 21% efficiency gains.” – FROM PwC