Reverse Logistics

Simplify your returns process. We manage it end-to-end— including receipt, RMA, sorting, triage, credit processing, and ultimate disposition of the returned product.

Our capabilities at a glance:

  • Returns receipt
  • Credit processing
  • Return product review and triage
  • Return product refurbishing
  • Recycling
  • RMA management
  • Reporting

Adapt efficiently with our modular, global system.

We combine existing and new supply chain solutions to give you actionable insight into your reverse supply chain. This leads to reduced costs and increased customer service and satisfaction levels.



Integrate Your Supply Chain

Eliminate costly handoffs and speed inventory processing. Our infrastructure, technology, and expertise give you a highly streamlined way to manage your reverse logistics operations.

Get Actionable Information

With more insight into the reverse supply chain and why products are returned, you’ll be able to improve a product, modify its marketing and sales, and discover defective parts more quickly.

Recover and Repair

If there is no issue with the returned product, it can be repackaged and resold. Broken-but-fixable products can be sent to a licensed repair center to be repaired and returned to the customer.


Each return is registered and tracked within our online tool, giving you a real-time look into what is being returned. You’ll see the when, what, and why of the ultimate customer resolution.

Identify Patterns and Reduce Returns

Identifying recurring issues can reduce the amount of products being returned. We’ll help you identify patterns that can be corrected for future product versioning.