Delivery & Logistics

We eliminate inefficient processes and logistics issues so problems can be identified and addressed quickly to get products to your customers faster.

Our capabilities at a glance:

  • Warehouses strategically located worldwide
  • Same-day fulfillment
  • Product tracking and online reporting
  • Responsive consumer experience
  • 4-Minute Click-to-Ship capabilities
  • On-demand order packaging and configuration

Maximize Your Inventory

Get the most value for your products. We combine worldwide warehousing with worldwide delivery and postponement based on real-time analytics and seasonal fluctuations.



Streamline Shipping with 4-Minute Click-to-Ship

To meet the increasing need for faster and more accurate shipments, ModusLink has taken major steps to provide next and even same-day shipping with our award-winning 4-Minute Click-to-Ship.

Plan with Insight

Optimize replenishment, avoid product shortages for each consumer area, speed up delivery, and reduce shipping costs. Do all of this with our insights-driven planning and global footprint.

Access Flexibility, Speed, and Reliability

Our facilities provide both manual and automated processes. We’ll help you plan and deliver your products while adapting to changing needs.

Enjoy End-to-End Management

We manage an integrated system of delivery from suppliers to customers. It allows us to provide you with efficiencies and peace of mind that separate systems cannot.