Sports Equipment Manufacturer

Sports Equipment Manufacturer - Customized Warehousing and Fulfillment Solution

As a startup company, the sports equipment manufacturer wanted to focus on what they do best, develop, market and sell their innovative product. Collection of payments selling the high value product globally including handling compliance and turnkey services required a specialized company to handle all flexibility for all random challenges thrown at them whilst we are exploring the products, delivery, customization etc.

Sports Equipment Manufacturer's needs

  • Ability to engineer a business solution tailored to our ever developing needs build upon robust warehousing and fulfillment services
  • Ship globally with knowledge of high capacity battery shipment and storage
  • Ability to provide a global and compliance engine collecting cash on behalf of client - Provide contact center solution
  • Ability to handle reworks, reconfigurations of product on a case-by-case basis
  • Ability to think out of the box and be a true collaboration, outsourcing partner and not a simple transactional partner

The results

Before implementing ModusLink’s solutions, we shipped only one type of product to a limited number of countries. To meet our revenue targets, we need to develop multiple products and product variations. This requires a configure-to-order setup with a short lead time, allowing us to focus on the complexity of global compliance. With ModusLink, we will be able to manage this effectively.


End-to-End Supply Chain Management and Global eCommerce

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