Electronics Manufacturer Cuts Warranty Costs

Manufacturer Cuts Warranty Costs

The electronics manufacturer cuts warranty costs, manufacturer shipped out a high percentage of product for warranty fulfillment as new product from the forward fulfillment stock. The forward and reverse logistics services were handled by 2 separate partners resulting in long lead time and limited end-2-end visibility of the returned stock.

Electronics Manufacturer Cuts Warranty Costs's needs

  • Ability to integrate general forward logistics with advanced reverse logistics need
  • Ability to substantially reduce lead-time from return by customer to available for warranty fulfillment
  • Ability to do No Fault Found screening , cosmetic inspection and cosmetic refurbishment
  • Ability to work as an outsourcing partner bringing expertise allowing the Client’s team to be nimble and focused on their client growth and satisfaction
  • Ability to have end-2-end visibility to all steps in the returns process.

The results

Before adopting Modulink's solutions, the electronics manufacturer shipped out over 90% of warranty fulfillments from new stock. Setting up Modulink as a refurbishment partner in the same building as the forward stock allowed the consumer electronics manufacturer to reduce warranty replacement product costs and lead time by 5 days. Now, they can replace 99% of B2C RMAs with refurbished products.


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