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Don’t Forget the Supply Chain When Aiming for Consumer Product Success

Don’t Forget the Supply Chain When Aiming for Consumer Product Success

Anyone who attends this week’s edition of the annual CES show will see some of the most innovative consumer devices on display, everything from smartphones and smartwatches to televisions and refrigerators. With the Internet of Things (IoT) trend re-invigorating companies’ efforts to connect everything to the Internet, you can be sure to see connected devices and products on display that no one has ever thought of before.

CES Packaging Trends

CES Packaging Trends

With another CES upon us, everyone has begun making predictions as to what this year’s standout device is going to be. What will be the next handheld, wearable or drone that everyone will be clambering for in 2015? One thing that we can be sure of for 2015 is brands will be putting more and more emphasis into packaging, not in the sense of added protection or cost savings, but instead as a way of continuing their messaging and branding.

Is It Time To Outsource Your Logistics?

Is It Time To Outsource Your Logistics?

You started in a garage, hand manufacturing, testing and shipping each and every product. From there, your Kickstarter campaign gave you the capital and the courage to go ahead and outsource your production. While you have outsourced production, you’re still handling the logistics of receiving, warehousing, order fulfillment and shipping on your own – and it has begun to be a time-consuming bottleneck that takes up more and more of your resources and time.

Big Data Analytics - Key to Successful 2015

Big Data Analytics = Key to Successful 2015 Supply Chain Strategy

According to a recent survey by Accenture, most companies have high expectations of incorporating analytics on big data in their supply chains, but adopting it has been a challenge. In fact, 97 percent of the executives surveyed understand how big data analytics can improve their supply chain, but only 17 percent have implemented it.

Evolution of Product Packaging

The Evolution of Product Packaging – From Afterthought, to Differentiator

Product packaging was initially conceived simply to contain and protect the goods inside, with visual appeal often an afterthought. Today, however, more and more brands are realizing that packaging is actually an important final chapter in their marketing efforts.

Hyper Speed Supply Chain & Visibility

Hyper-Speed Supply Chain + Visibility = Efficiency of Scale

The digital age has transformed the shopping experience – and as a result, consumers’ expectations have skyrocketed. Consumers expect to have any and all product information right at their fingertips, wherever they are, and at all times of the day.

Potential Pitfalls In Your Supply Chain

4 Potential Pitfalls In Your Supply Chain—And How To Protect Against Them

We’ve all heard the horror stories – unexpected breakdowns somewhere along the supply chain that lead to missed deadlines, adjusted schedules and consumers that ultimately aren’t able to purchase your product.

Customer Support in eCommerce

The Criticality of Understanding The Customer Journey: Customer Support in eCommerce

In today’s mature eCommerce world, consumers have multiple choices for where, when and how to buy their goods. The availability of what they want on the Internet has become a given, a commodity. If you search for it, you will find it, and will be able to buy it.

Real Time Visibility into the Supply Chain

Real Time Visibility into the Supply Chain – Welcome to the Future

It is an exciting time for the supply chain industry.

Technology is making advances possible in all areas of the supply chain, from tools that make it easier for drivers to confirm what they’re delivering and when they drop it off, to improved assembly and distribution technologies that make the back-end of the supply chain much more efficient and cost-effective.