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The Importance of Country-Specific Customization and Localization

In today’s global economy, businesses must operate without boundaries and serve customers in every corner of the world. While global scale and distribution is important, the ability to customize your offerings – from the shopping experience to the end product customers receive – to individual markets, regions and cultures is paramount.

Global Market Expansion

5 Ways to Stay Competitive in the Amazon Era

In the time it is taking you to read this sentence, approximately 100 products were just sold on Amazon – and that’s with a conservative calculation of 35 orders coming into the e-commerce behemoth every second.

Not bad for a brand that started as a bookseller out of a guy’s garage. But it could be bad for you—if your brand is missing out on opportunities due to the massive hold Amazon has on today’s consumers.

Subscription Box E-commerce business model

5 Logistical Challenges Limiting Subscription Box Companies (and How the Right Partner Can Help)

From cosmetics, clothes and snacks, to high-end golf supplies, dog treats and specialty socks, there seems to be a subscription box to meet nearly anyone’s – and presumably, everyone’s – preferences. In fact, by some industry estimates, more than 2,500 subscription box companies that have emerged in the last 3 years. This number is only expected to increase as consumers continue to demand customization and convenience.

The Psychology Behind Our Customer Contact Center - ModusLink Global Solutions

The Psychology Behind Our Customer Contact Center

Mirroring – The behavior in which one person subconsciously imitates the gesture, speech pattern, or attitude of another. Turn subconsciously into consciously, and you have yourself a wonderful feature to deploy while handling customer care.

Servicing the Blue Banana from a Small Dutch Village, Part 2

Servicing the Blue Banana from a Small Dutch Village, Part 2

In my last blog, I shared some insights on why companies expanding their business in Europe should start their journey right in the middle of the so called “Blue Banana” in the city of Venray. Needless to say, our ModusLink Solution Center wasn’t just randomly placed there. Which is why I want to discuss a few economic reasons to start in the center of this European, banana-shaped center for economic and innovative growth:

Business Choices

Choices, Choices, Choices

With an ever-expanding range of choices (whether it’s in ice cream flavors, a new car or an insurance policy) nothing seems more challenging than choosing one over the other. After all, by opening one door, another closes. Not making any choice, however, keeps every door closed.

Amazon Prime Day

What Retailers Can Learn from Amazon Prime Day

We’re all used to Black Friday, and (more recently) Cyber Monday, but it now looks like Prime Day is set to be another date in the shopping frenzy calendar.  Amazon’s third annual Prime Day is July 11th (though deals are already underway – check them out here!), and early projections show that it could generate as much as $1 billion in revenue for the behemoth retailer. Clearly Amazon is doing something right.

Driving Change in Manufacturing & Logistics: Cognitive Technology

Driving Change in Manufacturing & Logistics: Cognitive Technology

When you think of cognitive technology, what comes to mind? Likely one of those funky virtual reality headsets or – if you’re more of a skeptic – an army of robots rebelling to take over all of humanity. But cognitive technology is about a lot more than futuristic-looking toys and speculation about the future, specifically when you consider its various applications in the manufacturing and logistics industries.

Driving Change in Manufacturing & Logistics: Autonomous Machines

Driving Change in Manufacturing & Logistics: Autonomous Machines

It seems today that every major automotive company is focused on developing autonomous vehicles. From Uber working to develop a fleet of driverless taxis to automakers like Toyota and Mercedes leaking plans for their own autonomous cars, the world has gone crazy over driverless vehicles.

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