What your e-commerce website needs

E-Business Website Essentials

A formal and high-quality suit, polished and fitting shoes, and a pleasant smelling cologne or perfume. These three physical elements represent a professional and business-class image. Any experienced business professional is aware of the importance of conveying yourself appropriately. The reasoning for this is that we all know, image matters in the Business world. Your physical appearance is the first thing people notice when meeting you. Anybody knows, first meetings are crucial to the future development of a relationship. This goes both for private and business scenarios. For a business, the first point of notice is usually its website.

Businesses that hold/maintain a strong, well developed, and polished website tend to convert more on average. The bounce rate (the rate at which people close a website after opening) increases significantly when a website has not been tended to properly. For businesses that get their main conversions/sales of their website, this is a highly important fact to keep in mind. When looking at successful E-commerce businesses, their websites are usually attractive to clients for the following reasons.

  • Personalization

Successful E-commerce websites allow their website to adapt to their customers’ wishes and needs (partly)automatically. This enables customers to find more quickly what they were looking for and make the purchase, thus resulting in higher conversion rates. The ability to cater to a customers’ needs quickly is an important factor for an E-commerce website that is aiming to succeed.

  • Automation & Data collection

An automated website that collects data from anyone who is active opens doors of opportunity when it comes to client retention and catering accuracy. Correct data acquisition through a company’s website will allow a business to acquire and maintain more accurate knowledge of their current customer base. In turn, the business can advertise and cater more precisely to the current and future customer.

  • Ease of Use

Nobody wants to spend hours on a website trying to find the right product. Complexity is not always your friend. When it comes to successful websites, Ease of Use is a very important term to keep in mind. When websites become too complex, plenty of people give up when not being able to find the right product. Your E-commerce business should be defined and created in such a way to make the customer experience as simple as possible. No excessive steps within the buying/searching process should be present.

The need to improve

We are living in a fast-changing world. It is very important to keep up to date with your customers. Improving and reinforcing your main point of contact (your website) is thus a highly important step aiming to attract and retain customers. The above three point mentioned items will help to improve your E-commerce website. Many businesses, for scaling purposes, outsource their Supply Chain and Operational Activities to Professional E-commerce Companies such as ModusLink. These companies use many tools to create and improve websites. Some examples of impactful tools are:


Correct use of Chatbots can elevate your E-commerce website to new heights. Chatbots are known to yield increased customer satisfaction rates. This can be seen through their increase in popularity and uses. Chatbots are now part of many call-centers, E-commerce businesses and established companies. Chatbots are often implemented as a first point of contact/help before reaching customer service to better determine the customers’ needs and questions. However, many of today’s popular chatbot even provide other services that allow them to be more flexible (Neusser, 2021).

24/7 Assistance

Chatbots improve any E-commerce website as they can be operational all day, every day of the week. Having the ability to aid customers with their basic needs without having the need for human employment is what makes high quality Chatbots effective. Do note, in order to have your Chatbot work correctly, their commands must be highly refined and developed. The extend of your effort is directly linked to your ability to help your customers with your Chatbot.

Shipping and Delivery

Aside from aiding customers with basic questions, Chatbots can provide accurate information of Shipping/Delivery through order status lookup. There are quite a lot of customer service questions that can be answered rapidly. Questions about Shipping and Delivery or order status tracking can also be implemented within a Chatbot. This allows for even greater flexibility of your customer service team, giving them more time to focus on complex customer questions/demands.

Establishing appointments

Chatbots are also able to set up physical or online appointments with customers should the need be there. Customers can enter a Chatbot and provide it with their contact information which will allow the customer service team to contact the customer later to set-up an appointment. Chatbots that are linked to specific agendas are also able to automatically set-up appointments this way. However, this method does require strong anti-bot detection measures in place or some sort of security protocol as spam appointments can be made. A quick confirmation through e-mail could do the trick as well

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