Benefits in Finishing Packaging and Distribution Near Customers

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As shippers and importers, there are many factors to consider when packaging and shipping products. In e-commerce, variety and agility are core to success. That includes packaging and distribution resources. It’s your role to figure out to reoptimize efforts and reduce costs. That’s a basic premise in any supply chain optimization strategy. Of course, it’s difficult to understand the importance and how packaging can influence operations on a global scale when rates are still so unstable. 

Consider this. Despite declines in the shipping industry, rates are still higher than average, putting new pressure on packaging and distribution strategies. According to Reuters’ data sources, “long-term contract rates finished 2022 about 20% lower than the pandemic peak of more than $8,000 per container. [And] maritime consultancy Drewry […] expects contract rates to halve in 2023. That forecast would put rates at about $3,200 versus the pre-pandemic rate of around $1,500 (Baertlein).” 

Rates at this level are simply inefficient globally, meaning that shippers should rethink their packaging and distribution strategies. Specifically, finishing product packaging closer to end users will yield significant benefits and opportunities. Here are the top benefits of such a strategy. 

1. Leverage Bulk Packaging Solutions to Get Lower Costs.

Companies looking to reduce their packaging and distribution costs should consider bulk packaging solutions. Bulk packaging is typically sourced from packaging distributors that partner with various manufacturers. This allows them to provide clients with a wide selection of packaging materials and design options. Packaging distributors buy in bulk and save money on packaging costs. Thus, businesses can often save significantly more than they would on their own. 

2. Improve Flexibility to Create Brand or Region-Specific Packaging.

Working with a packaging supplier to improve flexibility and create multiple packaging designs tailored is an advantage. Imagine building packaging to target specific brands or regions. Plus, packaging customization allows for unique packaging formats that help the product stand out from its competitors. For brands in highly competitive industries, custom packaging presents the possibility of increased visibility, eventually leading to higher sales. Custom packaging also makes it easier for companies to incorporate their branding messages into the packaging design, defining their presence in the market.

3. It Enhances the Optimization of Resources.

Optimizing packaging and distribution is essential to increase efficiency and minimize costs. Understanding the packaging and distribution process can help businesses save more resources, enabling them better to adjust their resources for a more significant impact. This includes reducing resource requirements across departments within your organization. Plus, knowing and understanding your global fulfillment footprint is invaluable to running a successful business

Streamline Finishing in Your Packaging and Distribution Strategy With ModusLink.

Doing more with less will always be paramount to supply chain management. Today’s shippers and global trade parties need to understand the vital benefits of finishing closer to consumers and how that translates into improving their manufacturing and distribution networks. The right packaging system and strategy take advantage of this fact. ModusLink can help you utilize these benefits to optimize your packaging and distribution process. Request more information on how ModusLink can reposition your finishing strategy for success to get started.


Baertlein, Lisa. “Analysis: Some ocean shipping rates collapsing, but real price relief is months away.” Reuters, 9 January 2023, Accessed 17 January 2023.


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