Scalable, Flexible Commerce at Pace

Shopify Plus is one of the most flexible e-commerce solutions on the market thanks to its well-developed open-source ecosystem. For you, this means lower initial investment costs and a relatively quick launch process across marketplaces, social, and mobile. Shopify Plus easily integrates with ModusLink Digital Commerce services, so your end-to-end commerce solution can be up and running within a few weeks.

Functional Highlights

If you’re just starting out or planning for global expansion on a limited scale, Shopify Plus is a great option. They offer conversion-tested storefront templates in multiple languages and currencies, promotional tools and

Central to the Shopify Plus solution is its ability to adapt quickly and easily as your business and customer needs grow, without the burden of custom development.

Scalability – Rapid duplication of storefronts lets you expand internationally or personalize to local markets at pace

Promotional flexibility – Integrate best-in-class marketing tools with access to over 1,500 apps, including loyalty and rewards programs

Multi-channel – Access to 20 native sales channels and marketplaces, all without plugins or custom development

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A Selection of Key Features

Customized storefront, checkout, and backend systems

  • Multi-country and multi-channel e-commerce templates tailored for different languages, currencies, and seasonal trends
  • Mobile-first designs with responsive storefronts, customized checkouts, and automatic discounting

Enhanced productivity

  • Consolidated front and backend workflows with easy-to-create “trigger, condition, action” formulas
  • Campaign, product release and flash sale automation tools
  • Add, update, and manage products without custom coding

Robust customer view

  • Dashboards to monitor performance at a glance
  • Limitless custom reporting options
  • Direct integration with all major analytics tools, ERPs and CRMs



Advanced Functionality for B2B Commerce

Self-service B2B Commerce

Enable wholesale e-commerce customers order when they want, how they want with full pricing and order management transparency

Simplified Sales Channel

List B2B-specific products with a click, leverage your existing branding and assets, and set custom prices only your high-volume buyers will see

Secure Management

Password-protected storefront for select customers and negotiated deals without costly and time-consuming development


End-to-End Supply Chain Management and Global eCommerce

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