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The Importance of Country-Specific Customization and Localization

Globalization Warehouse

In today’s global economy, businesses must operate without boundaries and serve customers in every corner of the world. While global scale and distribution is important, the ability to customize your offerings – from the shopping experience to the end product customers receive – to individual markets, regions and cultures is paramount.

This is particularly true in the consumer electronics industry where it is not uncommon for physical products to need updates before getting out to market. Often, a new software patch or updated system needs to be uploaded as a part of the assembly and distribution process, while even more frequently, languages need to be changed to match the product’s final destination.

As the hardware components of consumer electronics remain consistent regardless of their end destination, manufacturing the product en masse is recommended for optimal efficiency. By putting the final, and region-specific, touches on the product at a facility closer to its final destination, manufacturers are able to ensure that end users receive a product customized to their country and the unique needs of its residents. For instance, the hardware component of a mobile device is no different in America than it is in China, however, users in China expect to take their new device out of the box with Mandarin as the primary language and popular platforms such as Weibo configured to work from day one. Additionally, end users must be supplied with the correct charger to ensure that they can power up their new device. By finalizing products in the region of their end destination, manufacturers can better ensure that the end user is getting the product that they want, and that it will work properly from day one.

With ModusLink’s global presence and expertise in the consumer electronics industry, fully leveraging this step in the customization and localization process is core to the ModusLink advantage. For countless customers around the world, ModusLink has established a system where the customers’ physical products are updated, as needed, at the last physical point in the supply chain.

However, country specific localization doesn’t stop with the delivery of the product. By localizing customer service and international returns capabilities, both manufacturers and retailers are able to create a more seamless and streamlined supply chain. With end-to-end localization, end customers receive the most efficient and satisfying service, and are more likely to be a return customer.

Not only does ModusLink simplify the production process by managing the complexity of product localization, but it customizes the entire supply chain to ensure that products properly suit the needs and expectations of end customers in a particular geography while localizing any customer service or returns needs. You can learn more about our last-mile capabilities in this case study and this white paper. Read more about all of our service offerings here.


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