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Material Planning & Factory Supply

Leveraging 28 Years of Intelligent Inventory Models for Significant Procurement Savings

Our Material Planning and Factory Supply Chain Solutions are designed to reduce the complexity, lead times and costs of inbound materials, supply chain procurement and factory feed processes.

  • We source inbound materials at the best prices, deliver on-time and maintain the highest quality standards, thanks to our strong local supplier relationships.
  • We perform kitting and assembly of your packaging materials and accessories, while managing logistics and delivery schedules with multiple manufacturing sites or partners for just-in-time manufacturing.
  • We optimize hub operations leveraging our 28 years of experience implementing intelligent vendor-managed (VMI) and direct-line feed inventory models.

The ModusLink Advantage:

    • Demand Planning – We manage client and operational forecasts to ensure material availability at client factory feed site(s).
    • Kitting and Assembly – We simplify the inbound materials supply chain through serialization and assembly into fully packaged kits.
    • Supply Base Management – With a centralized sourcing team we assume total responsibility for supplier network management, including sourcing, invoicing and payments, visibility into shipments, inventory forecast coverage and supply partner activities.
    • ODM and CM Neutrality – We can support multiple original design manufacturers/contract manufacturers and prevent business conflicts.
    • Reporting and Analysis – We enable clients to keep track of all supply chain activity with detailed reporting and supply partner activities.

We can produce supply chain procurement savings in excess of 10 to 15 percent of spend for our clients and improve cycle time and forecast accuracy.”

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