Subscription & Entitlement Services

Capture and Protect Customer Lifetime Value

Making buying online simple for customers is increasingly difficult. Their needs have become more sophisticated and expectations are higher than ever. You want to capture their business and keep them coming back, all without losing intellectual property or sales. We can help.

ModusLink’s Subscription & Entitlement Management service, powered by Poetic®, has all the bases covered. We can help you to offer customers a vast variety of purchasing options while keeping control of your products and services, capturing recurring revenue, and providing a customer experience that reinforces your brand reputation.


Subscription Management

More products, consumables and online services than ever can be set up, managed and sold as subscriptions. Seamlessly turning those one-time orders into recurring revenue is at the core of our Subscription Management service.

Our Subscription Management Service

  • Supports time-, count- and delivery-based subscription models
  • Integrated, self-service portal enables customer management of their orders
  • Easily integrate with online order, shipping and payment systems
  • Automatically generate recurring invoices or delivery orders
  • Monitor and enforce usage data, upload rules and aggregate usage data for recurring invoice generation


To learn more about our full suite of Subscription Management Services, Powered by Poetic®, please click here.


Entitlement Management

Entitlement management is about securing, distributing and validating the intangibles of our modern commercial world. Entitlements control what software keys get created to unlock new features, validate which customers can receive updates or support and record who has installed your software on what devices. ModusLink’s Entitlement Management service provides you with a robust engine for managing entitlements from software licenses to subscriptions to support services.

Our Entitlement Management Service

  • More than 90 integration points for integration with your ERP, CRM, shopping cart and other enterprise systems
    Hundreds of flexible system configurations to suit multiple sales models
  • Generate and manage license keys efficiently using our exclusive partner, Reprise Software, or link to your own locking technology
  • Centralized tracking of all customer entitlements, from tracking registrations to handling subscriptions to monitoring application usage
  • Over 500 security settings and an unlimited number of security roles


To learn more about our full suite of Entitlement Management Services, Powered by Poetic®, please click here.




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