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The Complexity of Managing a Returns Process

The Complexity of Managing a Returns Process

One of the biggest stories of Fall 2016 was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall. While the company is just now starting to move past that massive product and public relations disaster with the release of new devices, it remains an example of some of the enormous logistics challenges that can present themselves without warning.

The Importance of Reverse Logistics to the Health and Beauty Market

Returns can happen for any reason: because something didn’t fit; because people received duplicates of something; because people didn’t like something – or because a product was damaged. There are several reasons why something could be returned – but whatever the reason, companies need to be set up to quickly and efficiently receive these returns and either ship out new goods or process a refund/store credit.

Tackling the Smartphone Shortage with Returns Management

Smartphones are always a big-ticket item, especially around the holidays. As such, carriers need to make sure they have a strong supply chain in place to meet demand and accurately forecast for high peak seasons. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

Returns Management: Helping You Better Serve Customers and Improve Your Product Line

With the summer behind us and the holiday season quickly coming up, companies are ramping up both their in-store and e-commerce operations, hiring workers and making sure everything’s set for the oncoming rush. One area that is often overlooked – but shouldn’t be – is the returns process. With research pointing towards some 30 percent of goods purchased online being returned, the importance of correctly managing this process cannot be overstated.

Don’t Get Sidelined By No Fault Found Returns

The retail game can be a tricky business. Customers are fickle and – put simply – there’s a lot that can go wrong during the processes involved with making, shipping, packaging and selling your product.

Whether it’s a faulty minor component that renders an electronic device useless, shoddy stitching in an item of clothing, or even damaged products or packaging resulting from the journey from warehouse to store shelf, there are a million different things that can go wrong and lead to justified product returns.

Six Steps for Managing Aftersales Services

Six Steps for Managing Aftersales Services

Thanks to a large boost in e-commerce in recent years, retailers are seeing huge increases in sales across the board. Now that consumers can complete purchases from the comfort of their handheld devices, retailers are working overtime to keep their distribution centers stocked and products in motion, making an efficient supply chain solution more essential now than ever before.

Moduslink's Four best practices to consider as you look to optimize your small appliances & their supply chain systems

Small Appliances – Handling Their Supply Chain Needs

Appliances – whether they are big or small – have always presented a certain amount of challenges when it comes to handling their supply chain operations. As they vary in size and components, strict processes need to be implemented when it comes to the assembly, shipping and potential disassembly of these beloved household goods in the warehouse.

Supplier Innovation Week Europe 2016

10, 20, or even 50 years are major milestones for a company. They prove to a company that over the years it has remained at the forefront of innovation and has been quick to adapt to the changing needs of its customers. This couldn’t be truer for the global powerhouse Royal Philips, which in 2016 is celebrating its 125th anniversary.

Making the Aftersales Process Work for You!

Making the Aftersales Process Work for You!

I’m pleased to present a webinar for all of you on the ways that an aftersales or reverse logistics process can be implemented at your companies and help you establish a process that makes it easy for customers to return products – while at the same time ensuring that you’re driving the greatest value possible out of each return.

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