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The Importance of Reverse Logistics to the Health and Beauty Market

Returns can happen for any reason: because something didn’t fit; because people received duplicates of something; because people didn’t like something – or because a product was damaged. There are several reasons why something could be returned – but whatever the reason, companies need to be set up to quickly and efficiently receive these returns and either ship out new goods or process a refund/store credit.

Moving Forward After a Reverse Logistics Pitfall

Moving Forward After a Reverse Logistics Pitfall

Companies spend any amount of dollars necessary – on everything from research & development, to product assembly, to packaging and shipping – in order to get a new product out and ready for its consumers, regardless of whether it’s being sold via brick and mortar, e-commerce or both. While a company’s forward logistics operations may be robust and full of detail when it comes to getting a new product into a customer’s hands, it does not necessarily mean that their reverse logistics practices are as thoroughly developed.

Serialization, Returns and The Black Market

Serialization, Returns and The Black Market

The serial number has been around since the birth of manufacturing. From the first time a craftsman started making more than just one-off products, the serial number has been a cost-effective and simple way of telling individual products, or batch runs apart. Today at ModusLink we continue to use serial numbers to help our global brand partners with everything from manufacturing and entitlement management, to repairs and returns – and even thwarting the black market.

How to Make Returns Management an Integral Part of the R&D Process

How to Make Returns an Integral Part of the R&D Process

It is no secret that e-commerce sales are currently booming at an unprecedented rate. As companies around the world look into new, technologically advanced solutions to bring their fulfillment processes up to speed with the competition and same-day delivery increasingly becomes the industry standard, businesses need to get smart about all the moving parts of their supply chain operations – returns included.

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