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Why Call Center Outsourcing is the Key to Competitive Customer Service
March 12, 2018

Why Call Center Outsourcing is the Key to Competitive Customer Service

The 2018 commercial landscape is defined by delivering exceptional customer service experiences to consumers.

Call Center
January 31, 2018

ModusLink Builds on Digital Commerce Momentum with Services and Customer Wins for Contact Center Solutions

As ModusLink continues to experience growth in its digital commerce sector, the contact center has served as the backbone for a number of recent business enhancements and expansions.

August 2, 2017

The Psychology Behind Our Customer Contact Center

Mirroring – The behavior in which one person subconsciously imitates the gesture, speech pattern, or attitude of another. Turn subconsciously into consciously, and you have yourself a wonderful feature to deploy while handling customer care.

Business Choices
July 18, 2017

Choices, Choices, Choices

With an ever-expanding range of choices (whether it’s in ice cream flavors, a new car or an insurance policy) nothing seems more challenging than choosing one over the other. After all, by opening one door, another closes. Not making any choice, however, keeps every door closed.

Brand Loyalty through Customer Intimicy
June 21, 2017

Brand Loyalty Through Customer Intimacy

Customer satisfaction, brand trust, brand attachment, customer and brand loyalty: whether you’re a marketing guru following the latest trends or not, you’ve most likely seen at least one of these terms appear on your screen recently.

May 4, 2017

Omnichannel Contact: More Than Just a Chat Function

In the retail industry, it’s hard to go 5 minutes without someone on the business side of things mentioning the word “omnichannel.” In this environment, omnichannel means exactly what one would expect: utilizing many different channels in the pursuit of getting your products into a consumer’s hands.

Contact Center Customer Satisfaction
April 13, 2017

Product Knowledge 101: How a Strong Contact Center Can Boost Your Returns Management Operations

A major component of a successful business operation for both retailers and manufacturers lies within the returns process. As e-commerce orders continue to be shipped out at increasing rates day after day, it is important that your returns management processes are fully optimized to take on the brunt of whatever volume may come its way in the event of a product mishap – and a strong contact center will be instrumental to that process.

Better Customer Service (and More) Through Exception Management
April 5, 2017

Better Customer Service (and More) Through Exception Management

In the supply chain and logistics industry, exception management is often defined as a process that’s set up to capture information that sets outside the normal parameters of doing business – exceptions to the normal flow of your supply chain, from consumer purchase to packing and shipping to delivery on a customer’s doorstep. Any interruption, issue or unexpected change can be flagged under exception management processes so that a manager can intervene, see what the issue is, and immediately correct it.

Customer Contact Center Information
March 16, 2017

The Customer Contact Center: More Than Just Answering Questions

Often when people think of the words “contact center” they immediately think of a bank of cubes, featuring people wearing headsets, lined up and answering calls, texts and e-mails from irate consumers looking for help with a particular product. From the business side, it’s often not seen as valuable work – more of a “have to have” requirement of doing business.

Well, those views couldn’t be more outdated.

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