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Fawaz Khalil
ModusLink is fully committed to our clients’ increasingly diversified needs that remains a key area of focus for us. Our adaptive approach to global supply chain and eCommerce services is marked by creativity and flexibility to drive sustainable growth and long-term incremental value for our clients and shareholders.

Fawaz Khalil, President and Chief Executive Officer

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Our Values

Focus on the client:

We dedicate every effort and innovation to our clients’ needs, satisfaction, and success.

Practice teamwork and respect:

We support our colleagues, clients, and partners to maximize performance while creating an atmosphere of trust.

Take ownership:

We take personal responsibility for every action, every deadline, and the quality of every service we deliver.

Practice Lean principles:

We learn, teach, support, and use Lean principles throughout the organization. There is always a better, faster, and more efficient way to operate and drive value for each other and for our clients.

Act ethically:

We believe that it is our moral obligation to do what is right for our clients, partners, and colleagues.

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