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ModusLink® stands out as a premier end-to-end global supply chain solutions and eCommerce provider, recognized globally for our 3PL services. Our innovative and flexible solutions adeptly address the ever-evolving demands of your customers.

Supply Chain Solution

Supply Chain Management

In our highly connected, on-demand world, it takes extensive and agile solutions that anticipate growth, optimize costs, increase revenue, and never forget your end customer. Introducing ModusLink.

eCommerce Solutions

Omnichannel eCommerce

What if you could connect to hundreds of global marketplaces and tap into the revenue streams of millions of global customers? Let’s find out.

Payments and Merchant Services Solution

Global Cross Border Expansion Without the Financial Complexities.

Expanding into new global markets comes with huge financial complexities. ModusLink handles tax and regulatory compliance, as well as fraud protection to ensure secure transactions. Our proven technologies and business systems shorten the process from years to months.

Poetic Solution

SaaS Software licensing, and subscription management solutions

A better way for software and hardware manufactures to manage the entitlements, licenses and subscriptions offered to their customers.

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Comprehensive supply chain solutions that add efficiency and visibility

We’ll optimize every aspect of your supply chain so you can anticipate growth, streamline costs, increase revenue, and build brand loyalty as you bring your product to market.

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eCommerce solutions that unlock your profit potential

Our eCommerce tools and services connect you to hundreds of global marketplaces—focusing on the most profitable areas to grow your revenue and tapping into the growth potential of millions of customers.

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Financial management services that speed your global expansion

We’ll help you solve the global complexities that slow your speed to new markets and sap your resources. Our proven business systems simplify everything from multi-currency payment processing to worldwide regulatory requirements.

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These are just a sampling of our satisfied clients.

Extend your borders.
Increase your profits.

It’s time to expand your business while making sure it functions seamlessly. Drive growth while you reduce operational costs. Optimize your internal processes to make every customer experience effortless. Extend your borders without stretching your resources.

ModusLink supply chain and eCommerce solutions help you develop more efficient, secure, and compliant solutions so you can anticipate needs, implement plans, and go to market faster—no matter where that market is or how often conditions change.

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Always-on Global Customer Support
Value-Added Services, including Reverse Logistics
Innovative IT Solutions & API Interface Platform
20+ Fully Integrated Sites Across the Globe

End-to-End Global Supply Chain and eCommerce

Step 1

Expand your business.

We support your growth with custom solutions centered around your needs.

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Step 2

Start accepting global payments.

Leave country payment, compliance, and reporting details to us.

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Step 3

Optimize warehousing, shipping, and tracking.

Assembly, packaging, warehousing, inventory, shipping, packaging, and delivery: we’ll help you put it all together.

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Step 4

Troubleshoot customer concerns and inquiries.

Our support team is trained to represent your company and resolve issues right away.

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Step 5

Expertly manage customer returns.

The ModusLink returns process reduces the lead time, cost, and customer dissatisfaction that are part of traditional returns programs.

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Expand your business.

We design and implement a custom eComm solution for your business.

We offer tiered support that includes setup, training, and complete daily store or partial management, depending on your team’s needs.

We seamlessly integrate each systematic solution with global marketplaces, warehousing, payment services, customer/ technical support, and fulfillment.

Start accepting global payments.

Your customer places an order on your site or with their favorite online retailer.

Our systems process the transaction. We tackle unique transaction details, including country payment challenges, compliance, and reporting and route orders to the correct globally located distribution center for fulfillment.

Optimize warehousing, shipping, and tracking.

We streamline end-to-end with global warehouses. Our solution centers assemble, kit, and package orders to meet client needs all over the world.

Our systems track inventory. We keep things up to speed in your system, our system, and online.

We ship out and track the global order. We integrate with all major national and international shipping providers, always targeting the right balance of service level and price. We provide you and your customer up-to-the-second tracking information.

The order delivers on time and in full. Our systems notify all interested parties.

Troubleshoot customer concerns and inquiries.

Our support representatives communicate in the format your customers prefer—including phone, email, and live chat.

We keep small issues from becoming larger ones and use our brand and product expertise to build customer trust and loyalty.

Expertly manage customer returns.

Process returns quickly through dynamic, multilingual self-service capabilities (FAQ, order confirmation, notification, and update).

Build satisfaction and drive repeat business by accommodating the complete scope of returns handling processes—including advanced replacement, swap, ship only, and DOA.


End-to-End Supply Chain Management and Global eCommerce

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