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Returns Management Solutions

Helping Companies Successfully Manage Their Reverse Supply Chains – And Drive Real Value From The Process

ModusLink’s Returns Management Solution is a modular global system that combines existing and new supply chain solutions, allowing companies to acquire improved insight into their reverse supply chain, which leads to reduced costs and increased customer service levels.

Through a better understanding of the reverse supply chain process, combined with information about why products are being returned, companies can improve the way a product works, change the way it is being marketed or sold and speed the discovery of a defective part that is affecting a high number of products. This insight helps to reduce the amount of NFF (No Fault Found) returns – and enables companies to get a higher yield out of their returned products.

ModusLink’s Returns Management Solution makes it easy for customers to return products – while at the same time, ensuring the company is driving the greatest value possible out of each return:

    • Register/Prevent: ModusLink sets up a company-branded site that customers access when looking to begin the returns process. The customer then registers the broken product at this site. Simple questions determine why the product is being returned and help to either prevent a return if nothing is wrong, or determine what facility a product should be sent to.
    • Contact: Once registered, the customer receives information from ModusLink on how to ship the product back to the correct facility.
    • Ship: ModusLink has encoded the return information so that when the product arrives, it knows what product it is, why it’s coming back and what the next steps are.
    • Recover/Repair: Once the product has re-entered the system, it is reviewed and decided what the next step is:
    • Recovery: In the case where there wasn’t anything wrong with the product, it’s called a No Fault Found (NFF) return and sent back to be re-sold. The customer receives a new or refurbished product in exchange.
    • Repair: In cases where the product is broken but can be fixed, it is sent off to a licensed repair center to be repaired and returned to the customer (or if it will take too much time, then the customer will get a new product and this will re-enter the market post-repair).
    • Pay: In some instances customers can receive a refund, which can also be processed through the ModusLink solution.
    • Refurbish/Remarket: Once products are repaired, if not going directly back to the customer (in cases where a refund or new product was given instead), they can be refurbished to be as good-as-new and remarketed by the company. They could also be re-sold as is. Whatever the decision, ModusLink’s solution helps manage the returning of the product to the market.
    • Recycle: If the product cannot be fixed, then it still has value. It will be broken down and parts will be sold to recyclers.
    • Report: Each return is registered and tracked within the online tool, giving you a real-time look into what is being returned, when, why and what the ultimate customer resolution was.
    • Insight: The data produced by the reverse supply chain cycle is analyzed to discover patterns and issues that can be corrected to cut down on the amount of product being returned. Without regular analysis of the reasons products are returned, you’d have no idea that there was a correctable problem – and by repeating that problem in future product versions, you would run the risk of turning customers off from your products forever.

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