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Servicing the Blue Banana from a Small Dutch Village, Part 2

Servicing the Blue Banana from a Small Dutch Village, Part 2

In my last blog, I shared some insights on why companies expanding their business in Europe should start their journey right in the middle of the so called “Blue Banana” in the city of Venray. Needless to say, our ModusLink Solution Center wasn’t just randomly placed there. Which is why I want to discuss a few economic reasons to start in the center of this European, banana-shaped center for economic and innovative growth:

•  The Netherlands is fiscally attractive
•  Article 23: Ability to have a tax representative (like ModusLink) engage you to permit deferred tax payment
•  Efficient customs practices
•  Flexibility in temporary workforce labor laws are unique in Europe
•  Secure and stable environment (lowest days lost to strike rate within the EU)
•  Good hinterland location for VAL/VAS activities

Hooray for Venray
It’s a shame that often when people think about doing business in the Netherlands, cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven come to mind first. Yes, they are attractive thanks to their modern city centers and international appearances, but Venray handles more than 30% of all inland containers from Rotterdam and 20% of European containers by rail. Beyond that (as mentioned in my previous blog), due to its great location, Venray is only one hour to road and air hubs of big players like UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT. When shipping packages from Venray by road, most overnight deliveries make it to the German, French and English customers’ doorsteps the very next day – making our Solution Center very competitive with delivery by plane, which is quick – but costly.

Venray might not be the most charming place appearance-wise, but we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And what’s on the inside of Venray is the highest concentration of logistics service providers (LSP’s), with more than 500 Transport & Logistics Companies. In my opinion, that many companies in one place can’t be wrong.

Venray Services
So how about the ModusLink warehouse in Venray? Does its location alone make it a success? I don’t think so. Taking advantage of the favorable conditions isn’t enough to offer the best logistical support. Our more than 26,000m² warehouse is constantly being tested on quality of service and our ability to keep up with customers’ demands. It’s more than just a box-shifting facility; in our warehouse, we receive, sort, visually inspect, test, and refurbish goods. Gift wrap packaging, personalization and bundling are also in our repertoire, not to mention Financial Management Services or our Customer Engagement Center. All to ensure we are providing an end-to-end solution and our customers are completely taken care of. Pretty good for a Center in such an unknown spot for many foreign businesses.

More to Come
But we’re not done developing, there’s always room for improvement. In order to find the ultimate balance between quality, speed and pricing, we ask the best from our partners and from ourselves. That’s why we recently installed an outbound sorter that will improve on time shipping (OTS), an increased output and later order cut-off times. Also, we’re working on further digitizing customs clearance to speed up and ease up business.

Want to know more?
There you have it, more reasons for your company to start right here at the ModusLink Solution Center in Venray, the Netherlands. Right in the center of the Blue Banana. Would you like to know more about our Solution Centers, expanding your business in Europe, or the end-to-end solutions we offer? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to service you all the way.

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