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ModusLink Launches eStarter Storefront to Help Brands Own Digital Business

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This week ModusLink announced its new joint offering with commerce software provider Intershop: the eStarter Storefront. Based on Intershop’s market-leading technology, Intershop Commerce Suite, the eStarter Storefront solution offers a secure, scalable and economical solution for companies that want to launch their digital sales channel — taking their e-commerce presence from zero to optimized in just four weeks.

In the digital age, e-commerce is an absolute must-have for brands wanting to do serious business. In fact, not having an online presence (or having one that is not on par with consumer expectations) can deter shoppers and weaken brand credibility. Still, developing an e-commerce store can be daunting, especially when brands have limited funds and staff. With eStarter Storefront, ModusLink manages the backend work of installation, integration and all technical operation, allowing brands to dedicate their time and resources to their core business.

The eStarter Storefront not only helps companies to focus on the business they already have but also enables them to truly enhance and expand it. With an internationally operational shop, brands can deliver unbeatable customer service by providing their consumers with individually tailored products and offerings and by processing transactions quickly and securely — no matter where in the world they are shopping. eStarter Storefront offers unique customer interactions from purchasing to order processing to service, so they feel as important as they are to brands’ business.

Perhaps most important, brands can establish a 24/7 global e-commerce shop without having to invest in their own infrastructure and personnel. By avoiding time- and cost-consuming implementation projects, brands don’t have to wait to integrate digital into their business. Not only is the shop inception simplified, but as the businesses grow there are built-in steps and sophisticated options to help them along the way — both in terms of their e-commerce shop and the required logistics that help them run shop smoothly. In this way, ModusLink can support companies at every stage of their development strategy.

That’s why ModusLink and Intershop partnered to become a dream team to empower their customers’ digital goals. The eStarter Storefront builds on Intershop’s already well-established SaaS-based end-to-end offering. The solution is hosted in data centers with highest security standards and operates on Microsoft Azure and relevant e-commerce processes and functionalities are available for B2C and B2B organizations.

To learn more about the eStarter Storefront, visit the web page. For more ways that ModusLink can help brands launch their e-commerce and digital business, visit our solutions page.

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