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Taking Instant Gratification to the Next Level with IoT

Taking Instant Gratification to the Next Level

We talk a lot in the supply chain industry about the importance of meeting customer demands; the cornerstone of what we do. With companies like Amazon boasting same-day delivery, consumers’ appetite for convenience and instant gratification have drastically increased. With the push of a button, shoppers can have a new iPhone delivered in minutes, or even have a week’s worth of groceries arrive at their doorstep within the hour. Today’s customers expect products and services exactly when and how they want them.

If you think that’s impressive – just you wait. Instant gratification is about to go to the next level, thanks to the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT.)

The IoT has already had an immense impact on the supply chain. Beyond the obvious role of getting these connected devices from factories and warehouses into the hands of users, connected devices can deliver some significant benefits within the supply chain itself. For example, sensors are currently being deployed throughout forward-thinking supply chains, making it so at every step of the journey – from inventory management to shipping details, data can be captured, analyzed and fine-tuned for increased efficiency. It’s no doubt the IoT is part of a new wave of innovation for the global logistics industry, bringing with it a level of efficiency that supply chain professionals from years past could only have dreamt of.

Now, thanks to the IoT, we are entering a time where customers will not need to re-order anything. Connected devices will be able to alert manufacturers when a customer is running low on a product and preemptively send out refills before the customer even runs out. Is your device defective? Not a problem. A new device will be automatically shipped to you before you even begin speaking with customer service.

With the IoT here to stay, the phrase “instant gratification” takes on a completely new meaning. The supply chain industry is presented with an enormous opportunity to deliver customer satisfaction before a customer even knows they need something, and I for one am excited to see what the future holds.

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