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Finding Revenue While Supporting Both Physical & Digital Delivery Channels

Software download management and content consumption are rapidly shifting from physical to digital channels. This presents publishers with both an opportunity to reach additional consumers, as well as a new challenge to support both physical and digital delivery channels that create revenue through a variety of purchase, content usage and license models.

To sustain that revenue, publishers must foster customer relationships beyond the initial purchase, to create customer lifetime spanning value subscriptions, renewals, product bundles and upgrade paths.

Supply Chain Management

    • Sourcing, Replication and Content Load – We source and replicate content through a variety of media — CD, DVD, Flash, USB, MicroSD —  and manage content revisions, quality assurance and IP security.
    • Content Packaging, Warehousing and Fulfillment – Our integrated planning, sourcing, and packaging of content reliably meets customer demands as we fulfill to channels.
    • Digital Content Delivery – We manage customer access to digital content as well as the content delivery process, through integrated financial and customer operations.

E-Business and the Customer Experience

    • Globally Integrated E-Commerce Infrastructure – We combine multichannel e-commerce, financial services, customer care and fulfillment processes, into a modular offering that integrates with existing commerce initiatives, to meet channel and geographic expansion needs.
    • Customer Contact and Loyalty Programs – We improve the customer experience with high-value customer contact interactions and reliable promotional programs.
    • Enterprise Entitlement Management – We manage license terms, customer access rights, subscriptions, renewals and upgrades through ModusLink’s Poetic entitlement management solution.

Our range of physical and digital storage supply chain, license management, financial and customer care capabilities, uniquely positions you and your brand in the global marketplace.”

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