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Omni-Channel Fulfillment and Reverse Logistics

Our end-to-end services and multichannel strategies help to drive retail sales and build long-term relationships with consumers while simultaneously helping retailers grow and respond to shifting market conditions.

Supply Chain Management

    • Private Label Product Supply Chain – Operations close to manufacturing and in key consumer markets enable us to manage the reliable supply of private label products. Services include transportation management, warehousing, packaging and fulfillment services.
    • Sustainable Packaging Redesign – We offer package design services that allow companies to meet sustainability and cost objectives, reduce wasted shelf space and provide consumer friendly packaging.


    • Integrated Retail Returns Management – We aggregate returns from customers, manage exceptions and accelerate the triage, repair and recovery processes, to increase overall customer experience and value recovered from returns.
    • Non-warranty Product Recovery – We help to improve the recovery yield on non-warranty and customer trade-in products.
    • Value Recovery – We offer multichannel product recovery processes to improve recovery yield and drive sustainable disposition of slow moving, excess or open-box returned products.
    • Repair Services – We work as an extension of retailers’ customer support teams to provide high-quality repair services on consumer electronics.

E-Business and the Customer Experience

    • Globally Integrated E-Commerce Infrastructure – We combine multichannel web, financial services, customer care and retail product fulfillment processes into modular offerings that integrate with existing commerce initiatives to meet specific channel and geographic expansion needs.
    • Customer Contact and Loyalty Programs – We improve the customer experience through high-value customer contact interactions and reliable promotional programs.
    • Rebate Programs – Our rebate programs deliver fast and reliable physical and electronic redemption to foster customer loyalty.

We enable high growth in new markets by finding innovative ways to increase customer traffic by building and maintaining loyalty.”

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