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Medical Devices

With consumer health and sometimes even lives on the line, product quality can never be compromised. ModusLink offers ISO-13485 certified facilities, innovative fact-based supply chain design, global capabilities enabled by world-class technology and 30 years of experience with leading global brands.

Supply Chain Management

    • Supply Chain Optimization – We execute and improve communication within device supply chain operations by using network analysis, optimization tools and our knowledge of global labor, along with materials and logistics markets we design.
    • Configuration and Postponement – We offer unparalleled inventory flexibility by postponing final device configuration in a process-controlled environment, enabled by ERP-driven bill of materials and work instructions to ensure consistent product quality.
    • Secure Warehousing and Multichannel Distribution Operations – Our secure warehousing and fulfillment operations are supported by reliable technology (including serialization tracking) and processes to service distribution, retail, end-user and primary care channels.
    • Extended Traceability of Products – We manage distribution with centralized track and trace across multiple carriers, including product and serial number details.


    • Integrated Returns Management – We receive customer returns, manage exceptions and accelerate the triage, repair and recovery processes to ensure regulatory compliance and appropriate product disposition.
    • Repair Services – Decades of repair expertise, refined workflow processes and failure data analysis, allow us to deliver reliable and quality repair of electronic devices and high-value components.

E-Business and the Customer Experience

    • Globally Integrated E-Commerce Infrastructure – We combine multichannel E-Commerce, financial services, customer care and fulfillment processes into a modular offering capable of supporting product or collateral materials for end customers, distribution partners or field sales personnel.
    • Customer Care – We improve the customer experience with high-value customer contact interactions and reliable promotional programs.

We drive operational efficiencies and service improvements in a structured, process-centric approach specific to the needs of the device industry.”

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