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Luxury Goods

High customer expectations, security concerns, increasing prevalence of counterfeit products, and the fast pace of doing business create a unique set of challenges for producers of luxury products. We protect intellectual property utilizing our integrated portfolio of Supply Chain, Returns ManagementE-Commerce and Customer Care solutions.

Supply Chain Management

    • Secure Warehousing and Distribution – We offer a global network of secure warehouse (TAPA A) and distribution locations, reliable retail and end customer fulfillment, with a 30-year reputation for protecting client intellectual property.
    • IT Connectivity and Visibility – We leverage a single partner connection to enable global ERP/WMS (SAP) connectivity to 20 Solution Centers in 14 countries.
    • Extensive Value-Added Services – We reinforce brand image and messaging through luxury packaging, engraving, personalization and retail merchandising services.

Returns Management

    • Integrated Returns Management – We receive customer returns, manage exceptions and accelerate product disposition to improve the overall customer experience. Through a better understanding of the reverse supply chain process, combined with information about why products are being returned, companies can improve the way a product works, change the way it is being marketed or sold and speed the discovery of a defective part that is affecting a high number of products. This insight helps to reduce the amount of NFF (No Fault Found) returns – and enables companies to get a higher yield out of their returned products.

E-Business and the Customer Experience

    • Globally Integrated E-Commerce Infrastructure – We combine multichannel web, financial services, customer care and fulfillment processes, into a modular offering that integrates with existing commerce initiatives to meet your E-Commerce luxury goods and geographic expansion needs.
    • Customer Care and Loyalty Programs – We increase revenue and improve the customer brand experience with high-value customer contact interactions and reliable promotional programs.

We combine an end-to-end cross-channel shopping experience to create an emotional connection with the brand.”

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