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Consumer Packaged Goods

Recently the consumer packaged goods industry has faced sluggish economic growth, forcing brands to find creative ways to drive top-line revenue, including accessing new markets and leveraging promotions in retail and other channels. ModusLink provides scalable Supply Chain and Customer Care Solutions that are customized to meet cost and revenue goals across multiple channels all over the globe.

Consumer Goods Supply Chain Management

    • Supply Chain Optimization – We execute and improve communication within device supply chain operations by using network analysis, optimization tools and our knowledge of global labor, along with materials and logistics markets we design.
    • Warehousing and Multichannel Distribution Operations – To better serve our clients we have warehouses and fulfillment centers strategically located in 14 countries that offer distribution services to distributor, retail and end-user channels.
    • Product Packaging, Merchandising and Bundling – We perform final product packaging, merchandising display assembly and product bundle creation.
    • Sustainable Packaging Redesign – We offer packaging design services that allow companies to meet sustainability and cost objectives, reduce wasted shelf space and provide consumer friendly packaging.


    • Integrated Returns Management – We receive customer returns, manage exceptions and accelerate the triage, repair and recovery processes to increase overall customer experience and value recovered from returns.
    • Value Recovery – We increase recovery from returned and excess products with environmentally responsible solutions across multiple channels, while simultaneously protecting brand and intellectual property assets.

E-Business and the Customer Experience​

    • Globally Integrated E-Commerce Infrastructure – We combine multichannel Web, financial services, customer care and fulfillment processes into modular offerings that integrate with existing commerce initiatives to meet specific channel and geographic expansion needs.
    • Customer Contact and Loyalty Programs – We improve the customer experience with high-value customer contact interactions and reliable promotional programs.

Consistent, reliable consumer goods supply chain execution is essential to supporting high growth initiatives while maintaining service levels to existing customers and channels.”

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