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The communications industry is evolving rapidly. Technological innovation, changes in consumer preferences and shifting business models are driving changes in the ways that companies do business requiring physical, digital and service supply chains to be integrated. With the communications ecosystem expanding beyond the device, a highly scalable and responsive value chain is necessary to link accessory, carrier, retail and support systems.

Communications Device Supply Chain Management

    • Optimized Inbound Component Supply into Manufacturing – With operations located close to key EMS and ODM providers, we streamline sourcing and inbound supply of media, packaging, cables, power supplies and hardware accessories.
    • Supply Chain Optimization – We execute and improve communication within device supply chain operations by using network analysis, optimization tools and our knowledge of global labor, along with materials and logistics markets we design.
    • Warehousing and Multichannel Distribution Operations – We ensure reliable distribution to carrier hubs, retail, business-to-business and end-user channels from secure locations in 14 countries.
    • Configuration and Postponement – We postpone final device configuration in response to real-time customer demand to drive supply chain cost reductions, increased inventory velocity and improved service levels.
    • Sustainable Packaging Redesign – We offer package design services that allow companies to meet sustainability and cost objectives, reduce wasted shelf space and provide consumer friendly packaging.


    • Integrated Returns Management – We receive customer returns, manage exceptions and accelerate the triage, repair and recovery processes to improve overall customer experience.
    • Repair Services – Our decades of repair expertise, refined workflow processes and failures data analysis result in some of the highest repair yields in the industry.
    • Refurbishment – We support customer trade-in programs and manage returns reliably with our refurbishment and carrier-grade data wipe processes.
    • Value Recovery – We manage recovery from returned, excess and trade-in products across multiple channels to improve recovery while protecting brand and intellectual property assets.

E-Business and the Customer Experience

    • Globally Integrated E-Commerce Infrastructure – We combine multichannel web, financial services, customer care and fulfillment processes into a modular offering that integrates with existing commerce initiatives to meet channel and geographic expansion needs.
    • Customer Service and Loyalty Programs – We improve the customer experience with high-value customer contact interactions and reliable promotional programs.
    • Entitlement Management – We create more revenue streams by providing additional software and application options to customers.

As the communications device industry becomes more demand-driven, our service portfolio, infrastructure and experience provide a unique competitive advantage.”

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