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End-to-End Supply Chain Responsiveness for Rapid Growth

A global supply chain that runs efficiently is one thing, but running a global operation without being able to respond to changes in consumer demand can erode a business profitability and growth. Understanding the unique challenges of dynamic, global brands including those in technology, we partner with six of the nine top brands brands recognized by Gartner Research’s annual supply chain awards.

    • Communications — Focus on today’s consumer value drivers (minimized cost, maximum delivery performance and responsiveness) through the linking of accessory, carrier, retail and support systems.
    • Computing & Storage — Achieve continuous product and technological innovation while managing ongoing price pressures and ever-increasing competition.
    • Consumer & Electronics — Anticipate customer demand and meet the continuously changing expectations of today’s consumer.
    • Consumer Packaged Goods — Meet the demands of accelerated product lifecycles, channel differences, regional and customer variations with a flexible infrastructure that can accommodate competitive cost.
    • Luxury Goods — Enable growth into new markets, while protecting intellectual property by leveraging reliable operational execution and superior customer experience.
    • Medical Devices — Leverage a supply chain that can adhere to  stringent regulations and ensure compliance for product quality and integrity.
    • Retail — Keep pace with rapidly changing consumer preferences and behaviors with multichannel commerce, adapting the retail footprint and leveraging pop-up stores.
    • Software & Content — Sustain revenue beyond initial purchase to create customer lifetime-spanning value for today’s on-demand software marketplace in order to drive greater global sales.

ModusLink has the unique ability to understand the intricacies of specific industries — enabling companies around the world to transform their supply chains to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s consumer.”

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