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Supply Chain Infrastructure for Small Companies

EZ Connect powered by ModusLink

We’ve helped young businesses with big ambitions grow from local operations to global market leaders with our Supply Chain Infrastructure Services.

EZ Connect™ service offers ModusLink’s essential fulfillment capabilities for emerging growth companies without the expensive surprises typically associated with third-party fulfillment services for young, growing companies.

Our pricing is transparent. It consists of your average monthly customer order rate + pick-pack-ship activities – with all packaging and related consumables and packing lists showing your company logo included – + flat-rate 1-2-day shipping to 80% of the continental US with no additional residential or Saturday delivery fees.  And, you’ll see what your fulfillment expenses will be each week, helping you to better manage cash flow and outlays.

Along with absolute clarity into fulfillment costs, EZ Connect gives you a complete view of into each part of the process. Online reports offer visibility into orders, inventory, shipments and tracking in real time. You can see what is or needs to happen plus be able to answer your leadership’s or investors’ questions about this strategic business operation.

As much and as fast as you want to grow your business, we can assist with services added to EZ Connect or that are part of ModusLink’s Adaptive Supply Chain Services. We can scale as rapidly as you need, systemically and geographically, all while you benefit from piggybacking on a supply chain infrastructure that supports the demands of big, multi-national companies and employs powerful monitoring, management and analytical tools like Power BI, SAP and Salesforce.