Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

Leverage ModusLink to access global markets

A consumer electronics manufacturer was growing internationally and had no presence in markets outside of the US. They were running into issues collecting payments, paying taxes and complying with various, local requirements for handling data.

Consumer Electronics Manufacturer's needs

  • Establish legal entities in multiple countries
  • Create a cross-border financial infrastructure to establish international accounts
  • Access regional and local payment gateways for global payment services
  • Comply with PCI DSS
  • Abide by global taxation requirements

The results

This manufacturer engaged ModuslInk’s team of experts who know the culture, laws, and regulations of the countries where it was doing online business. ModusLink was able to provide the resources to facilitate payment processing, compliance, and end-to-end taxes.

ModusLink was able to take care of all the details unique to global, online markets, from buying options, consumer protection disclosures, and available payment options, to sorting out exportation restrictions and applicable regulatory fees.


End-to-End Supply Chain Management and Global eCommerce

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