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Product Knowledge 101: How a Strong Contact Center Can Boost Your Returns Management Operations

Contact Center Customer Satisfaction

A major component of a successful business operation for both retailers and manufacturers lies within the returns process. As e-commerce orders continue to be shipped out at increasing rates day after day, it is important that your returns management processes are fully optimized to take on the brunt of whatever volume may come its way in the event of a product mishap – and a strong contact center will be instrumental to that process.

Contact center representatives play a key role in your operations as they are often the first stop for a frustrated customer who has encountered an issue with your product. Therefore, they can shape not only the returns process and potential building of customer lifetime value, but ultimately improve the manufacturer’s bottom line.

Here are two examples to illustrate the contact center’s crucial function.

Real-Time Response

A contact center team that is well-versed in the knowledge of the company’s product will be able to tell firsthand exactly what issue the customer might be having. By walking the customer through a quick set of questions and having them explain the issue over the phone, the contact center representative may be able to diagnose the problem right there and provide proper next steps for the customer, letting them know if the issue may be a simple quick fix, a mail-in repair, or if they should just return the product in exchange for a new or refurbished version. The contact center representative’s knowledge of the product and problem-solving instructions will often minimize the potential for “no-fault-found” (NFF) returns. Minimizing – or even preventing – NFF returns will save the company a lot of time and money as the alternative would be waiting for the defective product to reach the warehouse with no designation, and then identifying the problem there.

Maintaining Brand Loyalty

Most of the time, customers are dreading having to dial-up the customer service line associated with their product as they automatically assume it is going to be a stressful automated experience with no real progress made. Businesses can set up their operations to break the mold by putting a real person that is educated about the product right on the line, as their familiarity with the product will slowly ease the mind of the customer as they find some common ground.

By allowing the customer to feel comfortable on the phone and providing solutions to their product issues up front, strong contact centers create a sense of brand loyalty from the customer as they respond favorably to the assistance and recognize the additional level of care that went into their call, most likely persuading them to stick with your brand for the foreseeable future.

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