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Value-Added Warehousing & Distribution

A Proven Process Designed for Flexibility, Reliability, Security & Speed

Our services are highly integrated and supported by a single global technology infrastructure so that you can quickly increase efficiency and reduce costs across multiple logistics functions.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

We can manage all aspects of bringing your product to market, including order management, pick, pack and ship, retail compliance and demand planning services. We address the unique delivery requirements of multiple B2B sales channels, such as retail outlets, distribution centers or other manufacturing sites as well as shipping direct to end customers. Our Solution Centers throughout the Americas, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region are anchored by a fully integrated enterprise resource planning system that offers clients full visibility and detailed reporting.

Postponement and Configuration

  1. Strategy. By analyzing a multitude of operating variables and supply chain costs, we can develop and execute a postponement strategy that defers product configuration and packaging until the optimal time and at the most strategic location – leveraging any combination of our Solution Centers around the globe.
  2. Configuration. This just-in-time flexibility utilizes sites located near manufacturing locations or in low-cost operating regions. Our clients can alternatively postpone configuration until the order fulfillment stage using facilities closest to the customer.
  3. Assembly. Our light manufacturing services cover the final assembly of components and parts into finished goods including build-to-order customization. We also offer additional value-added processes such as product testing, RFID tagging, product or service activation, language settings, personalization and engraving and multi-channel packaging and packaging design.

Content Load

We execute a complete solution for the physical programming of digital content – such as software, firmware, upgrades or promotional material – onto numerous types of flash media, including SD and MicroSD cards, USB drives, navigation systems, smartphones and tablets. This programming includes content protection and activation options as well as full IP security for our clients.

Transportation Management

We can help you streamline processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs across logistics functions with sophisticated transportation management tools. Automated workflows and business rules are supported with global multi-modal and multi-carrier options for getting your product to market in a secure, reliable and speedy fashion. We make it even easier with automated production of compliant international paperwork and manifests and complete tracking, data reporting and analysis.

The ModusLink Advantage:

    • Reliable Execution – Supporting more than $80 billion in our clients’ revenue, the world’s leading brands trust us to manage dynamic demand requirements.
    • Global Warehouse and Multi-Channel Fulfillment Footprint – With our global reach and local market expertise, ModusLink enables international market expansion and strategic supply management.
    • Postponement Expertise – We help improve lead time while lowering transportation and logistics costs by deploying carefully designed product postponement strategies.
    • Centralized Demand Planning – Our team takes ownership of planning, supplier management and inventory management of locally sourced components, improving margins.
    • Inventory Management – We help optimize component and finished goods inventory levels for better efficiency and cost savings.

Our goal is to create the highest level of efficiency at the lowest total cost of operation, resulting in significantly improved profit margins.”

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