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The rise of e-Commerce means it’s easier than ever for anyone to open a business, bringing competition for customers to a fever pitch. This presents a real challenge for business leaders to find new ways to keep their existing customers coming back again and again.

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ModusLink is here to help with our proprietary Subscription Solution. This platform, combined with our award-winning supply chain management capabilities, allows businesses to leverage their customers’ orders into a long-term, recurring revenue stream to maximize the value of each customer relationship.

ModusLink’s Subscription Solution also includes our world-wide Financial Management Services to create a subscription management platform that can help you build brand loyalty and generate a steady flow of new orders for your products.

The process is simple: Send your regular order messages to our system and it will schedule that same order to process again every week, every month, every year, or any time period configured by you and chosen by your customers.

ModusLink’s Subscription Solution takes the hassle out of managing the ongoing customer subscription relationships by triggering automatic, customized notifications that alert customers when their credit cards are about to expire or when an order is scheduled to process. Our system will notify them when their order has shipped and give them a link to track it too.

And when it comes to reporting, our Subscription Solution provides you with all of the data you need to effectively run your business. Even custom reports can be easily set up using its built-in, open-source report engine or integrated with your business intelligence cloud application.

ModusLink’s modular approach allows you to purchase just the right amount of supporting services you need to run your business. User’s have the option of integrating ModusLink’s Subscription Solution either as a standalone offering or via ModusLink Poetic Service Cloud, which enables end customers to tailor their subscriptions from product selection to delivery schedule directly in a merchant’s online store and modify it at any time.

Here’s a closer look at the key benefits of the ModusLink Subscription Solution:

Subscription Management

  • Multiple subscription and recurring payment options based on business needs:
    • Merchant-initiated subscription billing – merchants offer their own flexible subscription and marketing models, keeping full control of all billing parameters on their systems
    • Automated billing plan – stored payment plans allow collection of regular payments from buyers in a predefined automated way
    • High-End model – Merchants can manage recurring payments, access rights to intellectual property, content and services for all their products, on premise or in the cloud (SaaS)
  • Subscription registration integration with resellers and partner systems
  • Support of built-in and external web store integration for subscription ordering
  • Fixed calendar dates, floating time periods, count-based and registration anniversary-based delivery schedules
  • Automated email notification deliveries and renewal fulfillment


  • All transactions are routed and processed through a single integration
  • Mobile point-of-sale, eCommerce, mCommerce, and eTerminal (MOTO) are all configured and managed through a single dashboard
  • The merchant is in full control of payment management and can request varying debit amounts and/or frequencies (e.g. first month free, or changing payment amounts)

Global Scalability

  • Immediate access to more than 250 global and localized payment acquirers
  • Cross-border processing and local acquiring on a global scale
  • Multi-region, multi-language and multi-product line subscription program structures
  • Full coverage of VAT (value-added tax), indirect tax models, import/export taxing and reporting, Intrastat reporting and support for regulatory or industry body compliance such as the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE)

Risk Management

  • Over 120 risk checks, including tokenization for recurring payments, to strongly protect against fraud and chargebacks
  • Full compliance with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard

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