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Returns Management

We’ve Decreased Inventory Processing Time and Increased Value Recovery

Our Returns Management Solution simplifies the returns process for retailers and manufacturers that want to improve service parts management and the value of returned assets. We manage the end-to-end process, including receipt, RMA, sorting, triage, credit processing and ultimate disposition of the returned product.

ModusLink’s Returns Management Solution is a modular global system that combines existing and new supply chain solutions, allowing companies to acquire improved insight into their reverse supply chain, which leads to reduced costs and increased customer service levels. By leveraging our globally integrated supply chain infrastructure, technology and operating expertise, we’ve streamlined returns management operations. Our efficient system eliminates costly handoffs and decreases inventory processing time, leading to an increase in value recovery.

The ModusLink Advantage:

Through a better understanding of the reverse supply chain process, combined with information about why products are being returned, companies can improve the way a product works, change the way it is being marketed or sold and speed the discovery of a defective part that is affecting a high number of products. This insight helps to reduce the amount of NFF (No Fault Found) returns – and enables companies to get a higher yield out of their returned products.

    • Reverse Logistics – We manage customer collections, swaps, and advance replacements; facilitate returns and reporting; manage returns exceptions; and link to financial transactions as required.
    • Triage Services – We determine the best disposition method upon receipt, from sending the product back to forward inventory, or on to be repaired, refurbished, dispositioned, recycled or liquidated.
    • Online Returns – Our scalable E-Commerce Solution for online returns management provides customers and channel partners with a multilingual website for processing and tracking the full scope of returns activity, including self-service returns validation and authorization linked to reverse logistics carriers.
    • Integrated Returns, Repair and Recovery Services – We offer a turnkey post-sale solution that integrates returns, decades of consumer electronics repair experience and value recovery intelligence to maximize the value of returned and excess inventory.
    • Customer Care – Through our Contact Center Solution, we provide real-time support, troubleshooting and returns management administration to proactively address the reasons for a return, resolve customer dissatisfaction and manage the Returns Management Authorization (RMA) process.
    • Service Parts Management – By combining our reverse logistics, triage, and repair and fulfillment services with our robust service parts planning capability, you can experience high customer performance at an efficient operational cost.
      • Report: Each return is registered and tracked within the online tool, giving you a real-time look into what is being returned, when, why and what the ultimate customer resolution was.
      • Insight: The data produced by the reverse supply chain cycle is analyzed to discover patterns and issues that can be corrected to cut down on the amount of product being returned. Without regular analysis of the reasons products are returned, you’d have no idea that there was a correctable problem – and by repeating that problem in future product versions, you would run the risk of turning customers off from your products forever.

We help ensure your customers have a positive and easy-to-maneuver returns experience that enables consumer brand loyalty.”

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