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Repair & Recovery

Decades of Reverse Logistics Experience Return Value on Returned & Excess Inventory

We’ve leveraged our product remanufacturing and value recovery experience for leading technology companies and integrated it with our Returns Management and Contact Center capabilities for a turnkey post-sale solution. In turn, clients can maximize the value of returned and excess inventory.

We use proprietary tools to collect market data to inform recovery strategies that help clients select the right channels to not only gain the most value, but to also be environmentally responsible and protect brand integrity in secondary markets.


In addition to Levels 1-4 repair expertise, our specialized technicians go through a rigorous and innovative training process to ensure the highest-quality repair solutions. We use detailed failure data analysis to improve triage and repair operations efficiency, and give clients visibility to product flaws to prevent future returns. Our refurbishment processes ensure products are returned to functional and cosmetic standards, including proven carrier-grade and smart TV data wipe processes for the protection of personal data.

Value Recovery

In addition to returning products to resale readiness, we offer multichannel recovery solutions that include service parts management, component recovery and recycling. We can provide business-to-business and consumer-recovery channels, while leveraging market intelligence to drive decisions on channel mix, repair actions, lot sizes and warranty policies to reduce costs and protect intellectual property rights. By controlling the disposition channels in line with client requirements, our clients’ brands are never compromised.

The ModusLink Advantage:

    • Integrated Returns, Repair and Recovery Services – We offer a turnkey post-sale solution that integrates returns management, repair experience and value recovery intelligence to maximize the value of returned and excess inventory.
    • Leading Technology and Systems – Our clients can enjoy increased repair yields with data-driven continuous improvement processes and our real-time asset data tracking software.
    • Detailed Failure Analysis – We help clients prevent future returns by performing critical failure analysis and sending data back to the manufacturer.
    • Scalable Solutions – We can improve lifecycle profitability with flexible solutions to meet each client’s needs and through the systematic management of multiple recovery channels.
    • Environmental Responsibility – Our repair operations are eScrap and ISO:14001 2004 certified and we ensure all usable parts and materials are recycled or disposed of properly.

We achieve some of the highest repair yields in the industry by combining continuous improvement methodologies with our asset management technology, UniTrack™.”

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