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Poetic™ IoT Services

Generating Value from Connected Devices

With the continued growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), companies worldwide are closely investigating how to best take advantage of new opportunities for themselves and their customers. With all of the hype surrounding IoT, it could be easy to get lost in the theory of what it is – preventing yourself from seeing a clear path to value for your company or product line.

ModusLink has extended its cloud platform to offer IoT services through its new Poetic Service Cloud Solution. This new solution allows IoT device producers and product manufacturers to connect smart devices to the cloud and collect service/usage data that can be turned into valuable information. Information that can improve consumer or B2B services, share detailed product usage or telemetry based insights and generate revenue with auto replenishment and other offerings.

Introducing the ModusLink® Poetic Service Cloud Solution

With ModusLink’s Poetic Service Cloud Solution, companies can take advantage of a connectivity solution and full range of IoT service offerings based on a highly scalable and flexible cloud platform. Our solution leverages emerging technologies, providing you with the confidence that comes from employing a platform that has grown and evolved over many years, while also including tools to support data analytics and cloud-based hosting.

A robust set of APIs mean that you can easily connect this digital engine into your own infrastructure or partner with ModusLink to leverage our existing supply chain and e-commerce ecosystem – a system that already supports companies across the globe.

ModusLink® Poetic Service Cloud Solution

ModusLink has five IoT service offerings that can generate real value from connected devices and the IoT:

    • IoT License management – ModusLink’s Poetic Service Cloud Solution can assist companies’ in their management of warranties, product licensing and software and applications. Our flexible pricing, registering and licensing management solution helps companies protect their products and devices. In addition, by using ModusLink’s activation services, consumers will be prompted to activate and register their product or device. This process will help companies monetize and drive future market share growth.
    • IoT Recurring Revenue streams – ModusLink’s Poetic Service Cloud Solution helps companies simplify the process of capturing recurring revenue within their business revenue streams. ModusLink can help companies connect the check-out order process to the fulfillment process, helping to improve the speed with which consumers receive the products they want – and the quality of information each company has about every customer order. With ModusLink, companies can go beyond simple invoicing and reactions to customer buying behavior, aligning their e-commerce ecosystem from activation of the subscription, through recurring payments and invoicing – helping to make the process seamless for company and user alike. This helps create a satisfying experience for the user
    • IoT Service Monitoring and Management – ModusLink’s Poetic Service Cloud Solution allows companies to connect devices and stream analog or digital telemetry data directly into our Poetic platform. From there, ModusLink can work with its customers to generate real-time analytics or event management services connected to trigger actions.With this connection established, companies can take a stronger role in the monitoring and maintenance of users’ devices. Maintenance schedules can be set up, proactive intervention can become a regular process– warning the user that the device needs serviceing prior to failure. Tolerance telemetry or alert messages can trigger events such as an automated call to service technicians, a phone call to an end user, automatic replacement shipment or even the device return process. Companies can integrate these solutions into their own infrastructure or leverage ModusLink’s call centers, returns management and global distribution capabilities. In addition, utilizing ModusLink’s data analytics can allow for the large scale assessment of device performance, usage and key parameters. This can help identify larger design problems that need to be fixed, driving future improvements and helping to guarantee the user continues having a favorable experience with your company.
    • Integrated Returns, Repair and Recovery Services – We offer a turnkey post-sale solution that integrates returns, decades of consumer electronics repair experience and value recovery intelligence to maximize the value of returned and excess inventory.
    • IoT Smart Replenishment – Based on usage information from users’ connected devices or products, ModusLink’s Poetic Service Cloud Solution can help companies enable real-time, consumption driven replenishment of consumables. Our solution can model virtual inventories and use that information to trigger automated replenishment to the point of use. This not only provides a huge customer benefit, but also helps “lock in” customers to your company’s products and services.While making the process of receiving products they love easy and automatic will drive increased ordering and customer loyalty, the potential of accessing real-time consumption information could be even more valuable. ModusLink can help your company review and analyze this data to be able to make better business decisions about the types of products that customers want. ModusLink’s Poetic Service Cloud Solution comes with “out of the box” integration into our e-commerce, payment gateway and order fulfillment services. In addition, through our flexible APIs, we can easily connect to your own solutions, Amazon or other marketplaces.

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ModusLink’s Poetic Service Cloud Solution helps companies ensure they can rapidly leverage the IoT and quickly see real value. All our IoT services are configurable to suit each company’s specific needs, and can be integrated into ModusLink’s successful physical and online supply chain and e-commerce services, to easily complement your existing capabilities without forcing you to make large capital investments in infrastructure.

ModusLink can help you innovate and take advantage of the new wave of IoT-led technological disruption. To learn how ModusLink can help, contact us at any time at +1 781.663.5000 or complete the sales request form.





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