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eStarter Storefront

Empowering Organizations to Launch their Digital Sales Channel in Just Four Weeks

Our eStarter Storefront solution helps you set up a secure, scalable and economical e-commerce platform in record time. In the digital age, every brand needs an online store, but developing one can be daunting — especially from the ground up or with limited resources. Based on our partner Intershop’s Commerce Suite, our entry level, end-to-end solution for cloud commerce can digitize your sales force and optimize customer interactions to increase revenue and retain customers.

Your E-commerce in the Cloud

With eStarter Storefront, we manage the backend work of installation, integration and all technical operation for your online shop, allowing you to dedicate all of your time and resources to your core business. By leveraging our internationally operational store, you can reach new markets, optimize order processing and customer service, reduce costs and increase margins and flexibility — without having to invest in your own infrastructure and personnel.

The solution is hosted in data centers with the highest security standards and operates on relevant e-commerce processes and functionalities that are available for B2C and B2B organizations and internationally. We’ve streamlined the process of integrating digital into business, so you can hit the ground running.

Essential Shop Functionalities

Our eStarter Storefront solution takes care of your customers, data and products by offering:

  • Web Content Management
  • Search & Navigation
  • Promotion Engine
  • Catalog Management
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Pricing & Tax Engine
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout
  • Shipping Configurations
  • Analytics & Reporting

The ModusLink Advantage

  • Global Availability of Products 24/7 — Reach a wider, global market and accommodate more customers than ever.
  • Exceptional Customer Service — Ensure consumer satisfaction through smooth purchasing processes and by offering unique customer interactions from purchase to order processing and service.
  • International Operability — Address customers with individually tailored products and offers and process transactions quickly and securely.
  • Infrastructure and Personnel Savings — Open up digital sales channels without the expenses of long implementation projects, added infrastructure or personnel.
  • Reliability and Performance — Leverage Intershop’s market-leading SaaS-based technology to deliver rapid set-up, end-to-end scalability and innovative features for complex business demands.


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