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Entitlement management is about securing, distributing and validating the intangibles of our modern commercial world. Entitlements control what software keys get created to unlock new features, validate which customers can receive updates or support and record who has installed your software on what devices. Entitlements are everywhere!

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Make sure your organization has the tools it needs to manage the thousands of entitlements it generates every day and the commerce those entitlements represent. Powered by Poetic® – ModusLink’s world-class entitlement management software – you can join some of the tech industry’s largest businesses who use our platform to:

  • Manage software licenses
  • Accelerate revenue recognition
  • Provide license keys from multiple key generators
  • Control access to downloadable assets
  • Record usage information from thousands of devices
  • Control and manage features and functions of thousands of devices all at once
  • Support enterprise license agreements
  • Provide entitled customers with software and data updates
  • Upsell, cross sell and provide top-level customer support to their install base of customers

License Activation

Does your product require a technical key in order to use it? Does that key work on any machine or is it “node-locked?” Does the key allow for multiple installations while restricting the number of concurrent users or does it track and report on the throughput or duration of use? Do you have more than one license key technology in production? Do you have one system to manage all of those keys and technologies?

If you don’t, you are doing things the hard way!

Poetic® is key technology agnostic. Customers have integrated more than 60 different license key technologies with our entitlement management engine. Using a plug-in architecture and a comprehensive set of APIs, you can integrate all your home-grown and commercial locking key technologies (including third-party and remotely generated keys) into one system.

Your customers and support associates will no longer need to go to different places and deal with multiple interfaces in order to activate and install the keys they need to use your software. They will have one, proven UI where they can access all of their entitlements, associate and assign them to groups and users and then activate them based on rules you set up.

You will control how and what can be licensed, and your customers will control when and where they generate their keys. It’s a win-win!


Software upgrades can be a wonderful thing, but only if they are managed well. A poorly managed upgrade process will create confusion at best and system outages with lost revenue at worst. In order to make sure your customers receive the upgrades they have purchased when they want them and with the configurations that will support their existing implementations, you need a robust entitlement management platform that can keep track of not only what the customer purchased, but how they installed it. Poetic® is just that kind of platform.

Did they install the base product with specific add-ons? Did they purchase other software with interdependencies on the software being upgraded? Is the upgrade for data? What device is allowed to upgrade the data? How many copies is your customer allowed to receive?

Unless you have a robust entitlement management platform like Poetic® helping you keep track of all the moving, interlocking parts, even the easiest upgrade can turn into a nightmare.

Usage Tracking

As devices become smarter, they are able to report on more of their activities. This has opened up new ways of charging customers for the use of your software and devices. Subscriptions and capacity purchases are more and more common. In order to support these new commercial models, you need a way to tie the usage of a device or system to specific customers and their purchase agreements. You need entitlement management.

Poetic® now has usage tracking built in. Your products can now report usage to Poetic® and Poetic® will associate that usage with the registered device and corresponding entitlements. This gives manufacturers insight into how their products are being used and provides the data needed to bill the customer for the use of the product in an auditable, trackable, transparent way.

Customers can also have access to this data. Poetic’s® built in security model gives manufacturers, distributors, resellers and customers visibility into their data and the data they need to run their businesses efficiently.

Poetic supports the complete software lifecycle — from order entry to registration, delivery, activation, upgrade, maintenance, support and subscription renewal.”

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