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Our Entitlement Management Solution is powered by Poetic software, which gives software publishers, channel providers and end-users a single, centralized portal for the control and use of intellectual property. Poetic manages access to valuable digital and multimedia products, content, features and services that can be easily configured to manage a client’s multiple existing digital rights systems. Poetic speeds up revenue recognition to within minutes of a new order placement and creates new, untapped revenue opportunities after the initial sale.

License Activation

Poetic can increase service quality and make it simple for your customers to access their orders and properly install their purchases. Business customers can assign and manage multi-license agreements in a self-service model. It’s also easy to utilize Poetic to organize product configurations and effectively manage control scenarios such as multiple license key generators, authenticity codes, multi-factor validation rules and batch processing for rehost, upgrades and returns.


Poetic offers the tools and processes that help you maximize returns from your subscription business and ensure customer satisfaction. Features include automated email notification, automated upgrade and renewals, and structures that manage multiple product line subscriptions. The platform also helps manage complex access parameters like calendar dates, floating time periods or count-based subscriptions to ensure an optimized revenue stream.


Poetic can help simplify upgrades, giving customers a high level of personalized service. This is done while decreasing your support and maintenance costs as well as capturing incremental revenue. Specific features include rule definitions, options for targeting individual companies or machines, new key generation and pushing out critical patches.

The ModusLink Advantage:

    • Manage Digital and Physical Channels – Manage integrated electronic and physical fulfillment options for software products, which may vary by region, language or customer preference.
    • Leverage Detailed Business Insight – Utilize more than 30 standard and custom business reports that help show who your customers are and how they are using and managing the products.
    • Integrate with Support Services – Seamlessly integrate with world-class call center support as well as multiple robust, detailed and global payment and financial management options.
    • Scale Business and Maintain Flexibility – Take charge and drive business growth. Support multiple license technologies and delivery methods, quickly implement new licensing models without major disruption and seamlessly integrate a new company or product acquisitions.
    • Integrate Recurring, Billing and Subscription Services – With our Entitlement Management Solution, control and monetize access to digital content, multimedia products, product features and services.

Poetic supports the complete software lifecycle — from order entry to registration, delivery, activation, upgrade, maintenance, support and subscription renewal.”

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