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E-book: Rudolph to the Return Rescue: How ModusLink can help make the Island of Misfit Toys No More!

Every year around this time, the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer warms the hearts of many by recalling how an awkward young buck guided Santa’s sleigh through a snow storm to deliver presents on Christmas Eve. Rudolph embraces the flaws in everyone, making sure that every toy had a happy Christmas — even the misfits. After discovering Island of Misfit Toys and its ragtag population of playthings left on the island due to various quirks or manufacturing defects, Rudolph promised to return with Santa and fulfill their life’s purpose — being loved by a child.

It’s unclear exactly how each toy wound up on the island, but brands who’ve navigated supply chain mayhem during the holiday rush can likely imagine. The reality of unwanted or defective products is that once they’re sent back, they accumulate on warehouse shelves collecting dust. Like these brands, it seems Santa could have used a supply chain solutions provider on his team to help with the end-to-end returns process, so no toy went without a home. ModusLink has the capabilities to manage the reverse supply chain and quickly recover value on returned products, eliminating any islands of wasted inventory for brands. If Santa did have a partner like ModusLink, Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys might be a much different story…

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