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Real Time Visibility into the Supply Chain – Welcome to the Future

It is an exciting time for the supply chain industry.

Technology is making advances possible in all areas of the supply chain, from tools that make it easier for drivers to confirm what they’re delivering and when they drop it off, to improved assembly and distribution technologies that make the back-end of the supply chain much more efficient and cost-effective.

What’s been the key to it all? Improved visibility. The number one thing that advances in technology have created has been the ability to have greater insight into what exactly is happening at any stage, any time in the supply chain.

Previously, companies struggled to understand their supply chains. You’d get occasional updates and a recap report at the end of the year, but all that dated information gave you was historical looks back – much too late to make any real changes or adjustments.

Real-time visibility and insight has changed that. Information is shared at every level – allowing deficiencies to be identified before it becomes impossible to rectify or prevent a problem. Companies can see delays, slowdowns or trends that will affect the bottom line. Inefficient processes can be identified and corrected. Work can be shifted as needed to meet deadlines. Customers can be informed of delays, or production can be quickly ramped up to meet demand.

We’re just beginning to see how this increased visibility – and involvement of executive teams in the process – will change supply chain management for the better.

It is an exciting time for ModusLink.

As many of you know, we’ve been a dedicated partner to innovative companies for years. In fact, we’re the high tech behind what makes these companies customer centric functioning as the back-end that enables a burgeoning company to expand, grow and quickly get product into the hands of its customers, wherever they may be.

Many of the key trends of the tech and innovative product sectors are playing to ModusLink’s strengths including:

  • Omni-Channel: systems and operations to be seamlessly integrated for maximum customer experience on all channels – online, mobile, retail and indirect
  • Global Scale: a footprint to scale eCommerce sourcing and fulfillment in emerging markets
  • Shorter Product Lifecycles: faster time-to-market, more frequent iterations/releases, and faster end-of-life
  • Mass Customization: late stage customization and micro-targeting or ‘me-commerce’
  • Agile Systems: a holistic platform that’s cloud based and modular

It is an exciting time for our customers.

A very basic part of what we do is to provide that visibility for our customers – we believe that the more information collected and shared, the better we can make the supply chain operate – for all of us. What does this mean for our customers?

  • For eCommerce: We integrate front and back-end systems, integrate production in low-cost country and fulfillment in all regions and scale rapidly globally.
  • For OEMs: We integrate between forward/reverse logistic and front-end systems providing multi-channel fulfillment.
  • For Distributers & Retailers: We are an omni-channel fulfillment and reverse outsourced logistics provider.

Our value proposition emphasizes the ability to integrate eCommerce, forward and reverse logistics. Ultimately, it’s our increased vision into the supply chain and global operations that drives new logistics management models, new ways of doing business that none of us have even thought of yet. But we will. And we’re looking forward to it.

Come along for the ride with us – if you’re vested in the success of the supply chain, the next few years will be like nothing before.

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