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A Peek into the Future of the Digital Supply Chain: ModusLink at CES 2018

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This week, ModusLink is proudly exhibiting at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where attendees can visit booth 2416 to gain a glimpse into the new technologies driving the future of the digital supply chain. CES has long been known as the global stage for innovators to share the latest and greatest innovations in consumer technology, and in keeping with the forward-looking spirit of the show, ModusLink is showcasing enhancements to our Poetic™ Entitlement Management solution.

The Poetic Entitlement Management solution enables companies to manage their digital distribution channel by securing, distributing and validating the intangibles of the modern commercial world. By presenting brands with the tools they need to manage thousands of entitlements generated daily, as well as the commerce those entitlements represent, the platform reduces the complexity of digital commerce by offering a wide scope of capabilities, from managing software licenses, accelerating revenue recognition and controlling access to downloadable assets, to recording usage information from thousands of devices, upselling and providing top-level customer support to their install base of customers, and more.

These services are indicative of the types of technology fueling the significant strides that ModusLink has taken in the digital commerce space. Other enhancements include the announcements of new solutions, like our Data Warehouse and Financial Management Services offerings. Such progress demonstrates our dedication to delivering best in class, end-to-end service.

Now, propelling the momentum of 2017 into 2018, we have affirmed our position as a leader in the supply chain space by acquiring IWCO Direct, a leading provider of data-driven direct marketing solutions for $476 million. This acquisition speaks to our move toward expanding data and agency services, and accelerating investments in technology, equipment, automation and partners to dominate the digital commerce space. Bringing in a market leader with industry-leading solutions enables ModusLink to provide a new client base of Fortune 500 companies with essential value-add services, as well as opportunities to drive both top and bottom line results.

To learn more about how ModusLink’s Poetic Entitlement Management solution can help you manage your digital distribution channel in the modern commercial world, please visit our solutions page. For more information on all the ways in which ModusLink is helping to propel clients toward the supply chain of the future, download this whitepaper.

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