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ModusLink’s New Partner Program Unites Strategy and Supply Chain Expertise

ModusLink’s New Partner Program Unites Strategy and Supply Chain Expertise

In many ways, globalization has made the world feel smaller and simpler with everyday luxuries like two-day shipping and online grocery shopping. In return, supply chains have seen an increase in expectations and complexity. Consumers have grown accustomed to accessing products and completing transactions quickly and dependably, and today’s companies need to be able to sustain this level of efficiency across their supply chain to establish credibility – and brand loyalty – with customers.

For the past 30 years, ModusLink has helped customers to navigate the physical side of supply chains, managing a variety of solutions, such as procurement, material planning, postponement, fulfillment, order management, reverse logistics, and repairs. Now, as the physical supply chain is transforming and digital supply chains have evolved, ModusLink also manages and improves companies’ end-to-end supply chain footprint by helping to integrate supply chain outsourcing and e-commerce solutions with a host of existing services — from manufacturing operations and transportation partners, to e-business systems and customer service programs. ModusLink is expanding the reach of its services one step further with the launch of the new Supply Chain and e-Commerce Partner Program.

With this new program, ModusLink will partner with consultants who share the same mission but need a trusted partner to help execute their clients’ strategic plans. By uniting consultants’ strategic vision with ModusLink’s end-to-end supply chain expertise, that mission can be brought to life — driving growth, cutting costs and improving the customer experience. With 20 operations across three continents, ModusLink is the right partner to provide consultants with guidance, support and solutions to address the supply chain and e-commerce complexities facing companies today, including the need to rapidly scale and achieve global market expansion.

In addition to having a global reach, ModusLink partners with the world’s leading brands across a diverse range of industries, allowing the Partner Program to cater to a variety of consultants and client bases. The program consists of several tiered options that span non- to full-commission, depending on the consultant’s engagement with their client and their level of involvement throughout the lifecycle of the client’s business. Plus, because ModusLink wants to fully enable consultants to best serve their clients, the program includes additional benefits such as non-exclusive lead referral opportunities, training programs, and joint marketing activities.

Want to learn more about how you can take advantage of every resource ModusLink can put at your fingertips and bring your strategic vision to life for your clients. With several consultants already committed, initial participation in the program will be limited to a select number of consultants who focus on the supply chain or e-commerce markets. To find out more about ModusLink’s Consultant Partner Program, please contact us via this web form.

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