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ModusLink’s 2017 Corporate Sustainability Report Underscores Commitment to Enabling Sustainable Supply Chain for Customers


This week ModusLink unveiled its 2017 Corporate Sustainability Report, highlighting the organization’s commitment to helping customers achieve sustainability goals. As the economy increasingly values ecological initiatives, ModusLink is excited to help clients go green by making sustainability a central component of its business strategy — offering environmentally responsible supply chain services to help shift the supply chain industry to a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly business unit.

Globally, the pressure has been on for corporations to better manage and reduce their environmental impact. According to a Neilsen report, 66 percent of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands or brands committed to social value. This percentage is even higher amongst global millennials, particularly when it comes to securing brand loyalty. To stay relevant and competitive in the socially responsible age, brands must not only take a position when it comes to sustainability, but they must also implement sustainable efforts into their business operations — the supply chain being an important place to start. ModusLink is dedicated to helping organizations meet their goals by offering solutions and services designed to enable global brands to maximize operational efficiency while meeting sustainability goals and driving corporate responsibility programs.

To achieve the sustainable, cost-effective supply chain solutions that ModusLink prides itself on, the company weighs environmental concerns and impacts of its decision-making processes across all of its global facilities. ModusLink works closely with vendors and partners to ensure they do the same, measuring both internally and externally against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards framework. The company also works internally to offer innovative, sustainable solutions to customers, such as leading-edge reverse logistics and packaging services that allow organizations to extract maximum revenue from their products without sacrificing environmental conscientiousness. When evaluating supply chain partners, brands should ensure they share the same values and strong commitments to managing a responsible supply chain.

Key sustainability areas of focus for ModusLink include:

  • Sustainable Fulfillment – ModusLink is committed to using sustainable sourcing practices and materials and does so by checking, evaluating and selecting suppliers against various criteria including labor practices, human rights and health and safety aspects to minimize social impact in the supply chain.
  • Environmental Impact – ModusLink is dedicated to reducing the energy consumption and emissions outputs of its facilities, as well as reducing its consumption of water and production of effluents and waste. To achieve this, ModusLink follows ISO 14001 guidelines, with 14 of its 20 facilities certified under the standard.

These capabilities represent just a small piece of ModusLink’s 2017 Corporate Sustainability Report and the company’s devotion to providing efficient, transparent and customer-centric supply chain solutions. To learn more about ModusLink’s priorities and efforts around sustainability, download the full report or visit this page on our website.

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