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ModusLink & Tile – A Big Expansion for a Tiny Device


How many times have you lost your most necessary personal items – things like your wallet, keys or purse?  Misplacing your essential things can be a huge disappointment, not to mention an inconvenient struggle to try and replace them when they’re lost for good. Smart location company Tile was formed with the hope of preventing those occurrences from ever happening with their line of Bluetooth tracking devices.

We here at ModusLink are pleased to announce that we have been selected by Tile to help lead its global expansion efforts, helping the company meet the growing demand for its innovative line of products in markets such as Australia, Canada, Europe and New Zealand, to name a few.

Tile will be taking advantage of ModusLink’s entire suite of order fulfillment services – including everything from resource planning to inventory management solutions – in order to get its growing line of products (Tile just recently announced their new “Tile Slim”) into the hands of consumers worldwide with the upmost efficiency.

Tile will also be able to utilize our innovative data capture and tracking capabilities, allowing us to manage the unit serialization process to identify each “Tile” and associate it with its designated customer and package, ensuring a quick order fulfillment response with every inquiry.

As the global IoT market continues to grow at a rapid pace, now is the perfect time for Tile to bring us along on its journey. With the combination of our solution offerings and Tile’s groundbreaking products, we look forward to watching Tile remain at the forefront of innovation and become a global success story.

Please join me in welcoming Tile to the ModusLink family!

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