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ModusLink Launches Financial Management Services to help Brands Tackle Global Growth

ModusLink Launches Financial Management Services to help Brands Tackle Global Growth

ModusLink officially launched its Financial Management Services offering this month, which ensures secure transactions, regulatory compliance and fraud protection to make it simpler and safer for companies eager to expand globally. This is one of many solutions in a suite of digital supply chain functionalities — bringing together entitlement management and financial management services, online shops, warehousing and fulfillment, and customer engagement centers — that ModusLink has developed to help prepare brands for digital trends.

E-commerce is everywhere. Even the smallest brands are building an online presence, making it easier for consumers to access a company’s offerings from almost anywhere. Because of the global nature of the web, however, as more companies focus on online, the supply chain is shifting and becoming more complex, a challenge that brands must confront as they transition into the global market. With every new region comes exciting opportunity, but also a dozen (or more!) new regulations to navigate — each of which can complicate the digital supply chain.

With this solution, ModusLink is able to remove the burden of jumping through legal compliance and tax registration hoops so companies can streamline e-commerce goals. This level of preparedness not only lets companies focus on go-to-market strategy, it also helps establish credibility in new regions. The Financial Management Services solution includes a worldwide payment platform that accepts more than 350 payment methods, catering to preferred local currencies and empowering companies to reach e-commerce markets in more than 160 countries.

Spanning such a wide range of regions demands that companies take the time to create a custom approach and with this offering, brands can take advantage of a variety of corporate finance services, including offerings like pre-customized e-invoices catered to each country’s language, currency and tax requirements. The Financial Management Services solution also helps to fight fraud and protect data by offering 120 risk checks, and already fits nicely into any brands’ existing ERP strategy with easy implementation. By considering e-commerce end-to-end, ModusLink can help companies shrink the time it takes to enter a new market from three to five years down to a quick three to six months.

To learn more about how ModusLink’s Financial Management Services offering can accelerate your brand’s global expansion, please visit our solutions page. For more information on the complexities and opportunities that brands face in the digital era, download ModusLink’s whitepaper: Improving Your Company’s Bottom Line by Outsourcing E-Commerce and Merchant of Record: The Key to Safely Processing Global Payments.

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