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ModusLink Announces Poetic’s Capability to Support Full Product Lifecycle

ModusLink Announces Poetic’s Capability to Support Full Product Lifecycle

ModusLink is proud to announce that our entitlement management software, Poetic®, now supports the full product lifecycle with the implementation of several new features. These improvements — including JSON-based API technology, enhanced cloud services, and subscription web services — maximize the value from embedded systems. By allowing connected devices to stream real-time analog or digital telemetry data directly into the software, Poetic can enable purchase-to-renewal relationship management.

These enhancements showcase ModusLink’s commitment to adding value to the digital supply chain, focusing on total integration and enabling continuous product relationships. With Poetic, brands can more easily go beyond the initial sale to the subscription experience, utilizing new tools that seamlessly allow for the collection of data across the entirety of a product’s lifecycle from inception to recycling.

According to Gartner, by 2020 the Internet of Things (IoT) will connect more than 30 billion connected devices, resulting in a 20 percent increase in potential revenue generated from manufacturers running software on IoT devices. Poetic addresses the entitlement management needs created by this IoT boom, allowing manufacturers to remain competitive and to maximize the opportunity for increased revenue.

ModusLink designed the Poetic solution to address the pain points that brands face when offering their products as a service. These improved features include:

  • Subscriptions – Providing secure access to global payments and cloud billing
  • Technology – Improved IoT cloud technology to rapidly respond to the needs of your business  
  • Job Upgrades – Modes have been added that allow publishers to better support email notifications and SKU replacements, as well as more easily configure product upgrades in high volume
  • Web Services – Enhancements have been made to process messages using an event-driven, single-threaded process, to update contract sites during a similar activation, and to allow publishers to create new subscriptions in Poetic

Advancements for IoT and connected devices will be a huge trend in 2018, and Poetic’s timely updates will help customers to capitalize on these trends and seamlessly predict growth and maximize their opportunities for expansion — especially as more brands look to monetize their products and upsell their customers long after the initial sale.

The upgrades to Poetic are part of a series of product enhancements ModusLink has made to help customers optimize the digital supply chain. Learn more about ModusLink’s full suite of digital commerce offerings by checking out our financial management services and integrated data warehouse platform, as well as Poetic, on our solutions page.

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