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Driving Change in Manufacturing & Logistics: IoX

Driving Change in Manufacturing & Logistics: IoX -Steel Connect

We’ve all seen (or heard) the TV ads. The one where an Amazon Alexa turns on the sprinklers, or Apple’s Siri tells a would-be chef what he can substitute for butter, or the one where a Burger King employee intentionally sets off Google devices everywhere by asking, “OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?”

We live in a connected world, largely due to the Internet of Things, or IoT for short, but there is, even more, innovation on the horizon due to the emergence of IoX  ̶  the Internet of Everything.

IoX is the physical connection we will have to Big Data. In the consumer world, we all know about Internet-connected refrigerators, coffee machines, and speech devices such as the aforementioned Amazon Alexa. But in a commercial, industrial setting there is still a long way to go for businesses to fully understand, realize, and take advantage of the opportunity presented by connected devices.

In the not-so-distant future, our devices will communicate with one another as much as, or likely more than, we communicate with each other. Already there is a lot of communication occurring between devices. When we get home from work, our phones can let our home alarms know it’s safe to turn off, tell our garage doors to open and turn on our lights. And it can make the reverse happen when we leave the house.

Just imagine the possibilities if these capabilities were more completely ingrained into the world of industry.

Connecting manufacturing plants with PLCs, metrics, and alarming systems is nothing new, but what if we took it a step further? Connecting consumer devices with industrial devices might just bring about the next big change in manufacturing and logistics. Removing of big batch processes and allowing consumer devices into our industrial devices would give rise to a whole new era of innovation, efficiency, and connectedness between consumer and business. With the Internet of Everything, businesses will be able to vastly simplify their supply chains, making machine calls for replenishment and having automated pick, pack, and delivery services ̶ all without human intervention. That’s the power of the upcoming industrial internet.

The Internet of Everything is a powerful tool. And one that should be thought of as a game-changer for the manufacturing and logistics processes, as well as for consumer-business relationships. ModusLink is working to make this next wave of innovation possible with its Poetic technology that takes advantage of the Internet of Things, and in the future, the Internet of Everything.

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