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In Case You Missed It: Best Industry Articles and Insights for June

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Need help keeping up with the latest supply chain, logistics, manufacturing and e-commerce industry news? Below, you’ll find the top articles and trends from June covering various sections of these quickly evolving industries.

  • Pressures on supply chain teams are increasing, leaving organizations struggling to collect and analyze mass amounts of data. Organizations can use technology to make sense of the data but also manage and oversee the entire supply chain. The University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute (GSCI) recently released a report outlining emerging trends at top companies, providing a framework for evaluating technologies and developing a digital supply chain strategy. Companies are rethinking data storage, increasing transparency and visibility in supply chains, and often stacking technologies. Material Handling and Logistics has more on how to leverage digital technology in the supply chain.
  • E-commerce sales are continuing to grow in the U.S., having increased by 16 percent in 2017 alone. Coincidentally, Amazon has continued to gain market share–rising 28 percent in 2017, while other e-commerce retailers only grew 13 percent. As the retail landscape keeps tilting in favor of e-commerce, tech titans like Amazon and Google are beginning to feel more similar. Amazon is adding to its capabilities, expanding from a commerce platform with an ad platform, while Google is evolving to an ad platform for being a commerce platform as well. Retail Dive looks deeper into how Amazon and Google are converging as e-commerce grows and changes.
  • In April’s roundup blog, we discussed how the Supreme Court was looking at South Dakota v. Wayfair, a case focused on sales tax collection for online purchases. Previously, remote sellers were only required to collect sales tax if they had a physical presence in the state where the goods were purchased. The physical presence rule felt more removed from economic reality resulting in significant revenue losses for the states. Last month, the Supremes ruled that internet retailers can now be required to collect sales taxes in states where they have no physical presence. Inc. delves into how the Supreme Court has changed the game for internet retailers.
  • There has been endless talk on President Trump’s trade policy and new tariffs over the past couple of months, with an emphasis on protecting American trade. Harley Davidson, the poster company for American motorcycles, has repeatedly been used as an example of a manufacturer who would greatly benefit from President Trump’s policies. Ironically enough, Harley Davidson announced that it will be shifting some production overseas to avoid retaliatory tariffs imposed by the European Union. While Harley Davidson said that the move “is not the company’s preference,” it wants to make its motorcycles easily accessible to customers in the E.U. The New York Times has more on Harley Davidson moving some production out of the U.S. and other American manufacturers who may follow suit.
  • Automatic identification, data capture, and mobile computing technology are advancing at a breakneck pace. Developments are occurring every day and the future is not slowing down. Vendors and analysts alike have chimed in on these innovative technologies and how they are being implemented throughout the supply chain. ModusLink customer, Datalogic, highlights how ModusLink is using vision technology for quality inspections, carrying out logistics operations (including full-service fulfillment) for a range of major clients. Logistics Handling has more information in its special technology report.

With the industry always advancing, be sure to check back in next month to see the top news from July.

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