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How Does GoPro Spell “Versatile”? M-O-D-U-S-L-I-N-K!

How Does GoPro Spell “Versatile”

When I’m out in social circles, I like to ask friends and acquaintances about their business. Even if they are in a completely different industry, I find value in asking what’s working for them – and what isn’t working for them. I also always ask them to describe their customers and often hear them use words like “demanding” or “difficult,” and it never ceases to amaze me.

That said, I consider myself lucky to work at ModusLink – a company where we put our clients at the center of everything we do. I interact with our clients on a daily basis – and you know what words come to mind when I think about them? Innovative. Problem-solvers. Partners. Throughout our company, we value and appreciate our clients – and we strive to make sure it’s a two-way street. We try to form a true partnership with our customers, enabling them to build great products and customer experiences worldwide. We work with them to identify and simplify complex supply chain and e-commerce issues to help them get better at bringing products to market.

That’s why today’s news is a big deal to all of us here at ModusLink. GoPro, one of the coolest companies on the planet and a customer for a while now, recently recognized ModusLink at their Supplier Summit as a flexible and agile partner with the coveted GoPro Versatile Award. GoPro has taken off like a rocket the past few years, and we’ve worked closely with them to support their international growth.

Ray Faga, GoPro’s Director, Global Procurement said the following about us: “We have aggressive global growth plans, and ModusLink stepped in with its solutions and expertise to make our launches seamless. As we continue to expand into new markets, ModusLink will play an important role in supporting our e-commerce, supply chain and customer service teams.”

So while we will always put our clients first, I’d be lying if I said that this type of appreciation didn’t put an extra hop in my step. We work hard to support the growth of all of our clients – and we do it because we love to partner with great companies to solve their complex business issues, from distribution services to inventory management and everything in between. Seeing this formal recognition is a wonderful testament to the partnership we’ve formed with an incredible company. Many thanks to our friends at GoPro – we can’t wait to accomplish more amazing things together!

If you’re interested in more information on how ModusLInk is working with GoPro, please visit “GoPro Recognizes ModusLink as a Flexible and Agile Partner with GoPro Versatile Award.”

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